Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy place

So last week i did something amazing and very out of character for (the old) me, and bought myself a ticket to Tokyo.
In April, i will be going to Japan all by myself, and the best thing is that i'm not even scared.
Old me would have pooped her pants buying that ticket, possibly literally, but i just felt fucking awesome!
I think... no, i know, that i actually squealed with joy as i got the confirmation email, and there may have been some dancing around the shop too (luckily i was alone!).
I never imagined being capable of doing something like this, but i am, and i will, and i can't wait. 
Tokyo, especially in spring, is my happy place, my Narnia, my bounty beach, and it's been too long.
So yeah, i just wanted to share that with you, and tell you to get ready for weeks of Japan picture goodness!
Oh, and i get to see Paris on the way home! How fucking great is that?

I'm pretty excited about March too, by the way, in case March was feeling left out.
Good friends visiting, interesting projects coming up, and more spring.
Oh, spring.

The rest of this post is basically just pictures, cause i'm half asleep, and also in the middle of a Breaking Bad marathon.*
They're not very good pictures, i'm afraid, cause those are still in my camera and on a roll of film on my desk, but pictures, nonetheless.
You may notice that the post is a little heavy on the self portraits, and while that might come off as a bit narcissistic to some, i've come to realize that it's healthy to love yourself a little extra, when suddenly finding yourself single! 
And also, i'm actually really proud of the fact that i am already able to fit into all of my old clothes, so what the hell, while i'm doing shit that's uncharacteristic of me, why not throw a little bragging in the mix!
I don't wanna bore you guys too much with my health and fitness crap, though, but i might post about it in the future.
Just a little. Consider yourselves warned!

So, the last few weeks in pictures. Go!

 Wandering around Brighton on my own, on one of the few days the weather was nice

The pier was windy, but pretty, still

The best part about the convention? Awesome gym and pool in the hotel basement!

Ugh, black hats are hard to capture, but i like how this turned out, and i wanna do more weird in-the-face bead work, i think

Awesome sightseeing day with awesome people, and uhm, yeah, i do levitate, if you were wondering 

Sun in my bedroom makes me oh so happy

 Yellow pants i ordered from Etsy ages ago... they come with a matching jacket, that makes me look like an absolute idiot, but i kinda dig it

The day i booked my ticket, i was totally euphoric and slightly caffeinated, and way happier than i appear in this photo

Last Sunday at a bad café with a good book

But shortly after i discovered a really good café!

Take away macchiato and a crusty looking hand, because oh yeah, i got my fucking hand tattooed at a convention, and i never get tattooed at conventions!
But more about that when it's healed enough to get a pretty picture!

Lucifer, male model

I've been doing some redecorating, which is hard when everything is almost perfect the way it is, but i think i've still managed to make it more... me

All of my cacti live in the bedroom now, and i think they like it

This is what working out every single fucking day since mid January has gotten me so far!
I've been skinnier and i've been prettier, but i've never appreciated my body before... now i make sure to focus on what i've already accomplished, instead of beating myself up over
the parts that still need work. 
Also, i'm so happy these pants fit me again, cause they're like my favorites!

 Finished painting number two of two new guest rooms last night... i like this color better than the first one!

These guys started blooming this morning... i love spring

*Seriously, i'm on season 2 and still not really into it.
When does it get good?


  1. Amalie, you look great! That tummy!

    I think if you're not into Breaking Bad by now, you just won't get into it. I was totally hooked after the first episode and we binge watched the first two series. We had to take a break cos we were getting a little too obsessed. Time to pick up at series three now!

    1. I know right! I want that tummy! and those yellow pants look awesome

    2. I was also going to comment on your tummy hahaha daaaamn girl.

    3. But i promised Claire i'd stick with it!
      Oh, what to do...
      I guess i'll start season three and see how i like that.

    4. I feel like such a fraud cause i took that picture before breakfast, and well, it's definitely not that flat after, haha!
      But whatever, we all wanna look good on the internet, right?

  2. Your home looks so lovely! I really like the colours and all the old stuff! And the carpet, wish I had a similar.

    Travelling alone is something I have always thought I could never do, I'm way too sissy for that. But maybe someday...

    1. Thank you! The carpet is actually IKEA so that should be easy enough to find :)

      I always thought i was a wuss too, but if i'm not, maybe you're not either?

  3. Dang girl!! you look amazing, and remeber it is not about being skinny it is about feeling healthy!! Yay for you!!!

    1. Thanks! Totally agree, and even though i've been skinnier, i don't think i've ever been healthier. It feels great!

  4. So many lovely pictures! Good for you for booking your trip - I imagine I'd have a similar reaction of fear booking something like that on my own so I think it's super awesome.

    1. Thanks! It's scary, but good scary. It feels like i'm going for the first time, even though i've been to Japan a million times before!

  5. Wooooo! You look great, the weather is (getting great), everything is great aaaand you're gonna be on this side of the world soon! Keep on smiling and I'll see you soon!!!

    1. Haha, everything IS great!!

      Hope you have time to hang out tons when i come!
      And i wanna go out and party too a bit, if you and the hubby are up for it!

    2. Even if I have to work I am usually finished by 1:30 most days so I will deco be able to hang out LOTS! The sakura is set to start blooming by the end of March so we've got hanami that needs to be done. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any fun night time events too. Will you be staying in Koenji again?

    3. That all sounds amazing, i can't wait!!
      I've booked a hotel in Asagaya, so i'm still super close to all my Koenji and Nakano people :)

  6. Such a good idea to go to Japan by yourself. Traveling alone is great! You can do all the things you want without having to think someone else is getting bored. For me it would be countless hours of shopping probably haha

    I can't believe you can't get into Breaking Bad. I was hooked after the first episode. Season 3 was my favorite. So maybe you start liking it then...?
    I always think it's a waste of time to keep watching shows if you don't really like them but I have SO many that I still watch just because I can't let go haha I've decided to stop watching new girl about 10 episodes ago.

    I'm moving at the end of the month so I'm going through all my stuff at the moment. I found something that made me think of you and would like to send it to you. Is the shop address ok?

    you're belly looks amazing!

    1. Oh, the shopping!
      And it won't be too different for me to be in Tokyo alone, cause i would always go out sightseeing by myself there anyway.

      I've really tried with Breaking bad, but i'm halfway through season 3 now, and i'm still so bored! I think i'm about ready to throw in the towel on this one.

      And yes, the shop address works! Exciting!!