Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Christmas post, because it's Christmas

I know this hasn't been the best year to be an Untitled Blog reader.
Although it's been a super exciting year for me, i haven't had much time for documenting it, so posts have been few and far between, sometimes as few as one post a month.
And to be honest, they probably haven't been my best work either.

But as the seemingly endless renovation work started to slow down, the posting started to pick up, and although i still sometimes feel like i'm too busy to keep up with regular blogging (at least regular as i used to define it), i'm starting to enjoy taking time for it again.

I'll probably never get back to the way it was in the early years, with at least one post a day, but i like where the blog is at now.
It's like half pretty pictures and somewhat decent writing, and half utter crap.
Much like myself and my life, so that works for me.

Next year, i am hoping to share more of my creative endeavors.
I hope to be less shy about posting artwork, even if it is all progress and learning curve stuff.
I remind myself that i used to be so insecure about posting my analog photos, that i almost couldn't bring myself to create a label called "photography"!
Pretty ridiculous when i think about it now, but i am still very much like that in a lot of ways.
But i want this blog to continue to be the place i feel safe to express myself, so i'm gonna try to be better at that.
Less holding back!

Ok, that was the Official Christmas Rant, and it counts as the Official New Years Rant too, cause we are having a lot of visitors around New Years, and i don't think there's time for more ranting.

Thanks for sticking with me during this boring blog year, i promise to make the next year a little more interesting, if you promise to keep reading.