Monday, December 23, 2013


I just started and scrapped about four different drafts in as many minutes, so writing apparently isn't a thing that's working for me today.
Maybe because i am in Denmark, full of fresh experiences, but i'm trying to write something that relates to pictures taken weeks or months ago?
That might be it.

Lately i've been writing a lot, but only in my head.
It's always in the minutes after going to bed, right before falling asleep, and always when it's too late to get up and write it down.
And it's good!
Like, at least better than the crap i've been posting here lately, so yeah... annoying.

Last night i finished a biography on one of my favorite artists, and today i went to a museum to see the real life paintings of another favorite artist of mine.
I've also spent time with my family, and gotten to spend a bit of time in nature, so i'm pretty full of the feelings.
They're good ones, though, mostly.
I feel inspired to paint and take pictures and dress better and generally just be more awesome.

These pictures are from me and Allan's Schöneberg wilderness adventure (briefly mentioned here) back in November.
We rode our bikes there and it was far.
Our neighborhood is huge!
We rode past IKEA, through this weird suburban area that kind of reminded me of the Danish suburb of Albertslund for some reason, only with more cute little allotment houses, and ended up in an abandoned railway area that has been growing wild for a couple of decades.

It wasn't a crazy awesome place, but it was fun going on a photo adventure with Allan, even if it was a bit difficult talking him into going somewhere with just... trees.
One treehugger per family. Is that a rule or something?
Lucifer enjoyed it too, which is good, cause you weren't really supposed to bring dogs in there, but it's not like we knew that, or could just swing by the house and drop him off.
In any case, he's only barely a dog, right?

I'm gonna try to post something a bit more relevant tomorrow or the next day, and see if that doesn't make writing easier.
And maybe save the Berlin posts for when i'm back in Berlin?
Yeah, maybe.

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