Sunday, December 29, 2013

Foujita, again

I am back in Berlin, back in my beloved house, and boy has that house gotten a lot of attention since we came home.
We spent most of the day yesterday vacuuming, scrubbing, doing laundry, basically cleaning the crap out of this place.
Visitors are arriving today, and i like the house to be clean for guests, although i probably would have wanted to clean anyway after a week away.

While in the country, i finished the biography i'd been reading about Foujita, so it seems fitting to post a few more shots of my diorama.
Yes, i know i already posted a bunch... but these are analog and stuff!
Anyway, it was a fascinating read about a fascinating person, but it still left me wanting to know more.

Tomorrow i'll be heading down to the photo store with my Bisserup films, so expect cattle and fishing boats in the near future.

Ok, back to cleaning.
No, we're not quite done yet, and i'm loving it.
Not necessarily the cleaning part, but running around the house, doing random minor decorating, making everything all nice... love it.
Yeah, it's pretty good to be back.

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