Saturday, November 2, 2013

Short, but sweet

My parents visited last week, and even though they came in their small car this time around, they still managed to bring us a vintage filing cabinet for the shop, fresh apples from their garden, chains and fishing gear for the work room (all well over 100 years old), plants, several awesome skulls (including the ones we collected and boiled back in August), food, magazines, and a ton of other stuff i'm forgetting.

We didn't do much sightseeing this time around, cause my dad's knee was being a jerk, and he could barely walk, but we still had a great time just hanging around the house and neighborhood.
My mom taught me to bake bread (yes, me, baking!) while my dad continued organizing our tool/wood shop in the basement, as he has been doing for months now, and played the saxophone.*

Here are some pictures from last Sunday when me, Allan, Nick and my mom went for coffee at Mi Onda, and maybe ended up eating a pizza slice and some macarons too. Maybe.

Even though my parents only stayed a few days, i'm still so grateful that they don't mind coming down here to visit us so often, especially considering my dad's condition, and the fact that it's quite a long drive.
They're pretty great.

*After rehearsing one day, he said that he now felt that the poor house might have gotten some small sense of satisfaction after years of being stigmatized by David Bowie's awful saxophone playing in the 70's. "Can you imagine recording and releasing that?" He's mean but funny, my dad.
Oh, this little story probably makes more sense if you know that Bowie used to live on this address!


  1. DAVID BOWIE LIVED IN YOUR HOUSE?????!!! That's so cool.

    1. Well, he lived in the front house of number 155, we live in the back.
      So not technically!
      But we're pretty sure he at least must have been back here once or twice.