Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Tuesday at Tsuguharu's house

Several months ago, i think it was before we even moved here, my dad gave me a diorama box he'd made for me.
Full on custom built goodness, ready to be decorated.
It had an inner box, to make decorating it easier, that slides into an outer box, complete with glass and a nice wooden frame.
It even had wiring for a tiny battery powered light!
In other words, already a work of art, and for the longest time i wasn't sure what to do with it.

But eventually i came up with an idea, said to hell with the pressure, and got to work.
It took a while, because as you'll see, it's very detailed, and everything is handmade from scratch. 
But now it's finally done, yay!
And even though the internet seems to give very few shits about my art, i'm gonna post it here anyway!
Hell, i might even post it twice, since i took some analog pictures too, but let's see how they turn out. You never know.

The diorama is a free interpretation of a day in the life of one of my favorite painters.
And his cats, of course.
Today he's just hanging out, eating some food, perhaps doodling in his red sketchbook, eating some food and definitely smoking a lot of cigarettes.
I hope he enjoys this relaxed day in the company of his best friends.

It feels good to finish stuff once in a while.

Foujita's Day Off

This guy loved cats, maybe you can tell?

His clothes, and the curtains, are made from vintage kimono fabric from Japan

I found some good materials, like the wallpaper, at this store here in Berlin

Very small pencils... also, i'd keep an eye on that cat on the table, he seems a little too excited about the fish if you ask me

My version of some of his actual paintings... tiny watercolors are fun to make!

Dinner is served (the miso soup with tofu and spring onions is my favorite)

Lamp, obviously

Finished and in its box, ready to be put up (i found a good spot in our living room)


  1. I give a shit, it's amazing! You and Allan need to quit hogging all that talent and share some with me :)

  2. Some people do give a shit and think you're very talented! Awesome tribute/interpretation of Tsuguharu Foujita. I think it's amazing and I also love the miso soup :-)

    Pointless info but I share the same birthday as Foujita... Oh and Bruce Lee haha.

  3. Hahaha that's so cool! You made everything?! You should feel very smug about your talents (and your ability to finish things - something I lack!). Any plans to make another one?

    1. Yeah, all handmade! i don't think i'll ever feel smug about anything, but i'm happy with the result. That's as close as it gets!
      Lots of plans to make more :)

  4. this so sweet! very, very great.

  5. wow! it's brilliant. we all appreciate your art so keep at it

  6. Very cool! Pure awesomeness :)

    K Tao