Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nothing but blue skies

Ah, summer.
Remember summer?
Yeah, that was nice.

I know i already posted a ton of pictures from our summer holiday in Bisserup back in August, but those were iPhone pictures, and we all know that those don't really count.

These are from the film i had scanned twice, and believe me, the pictures look much better without a weird line through them.
I personally like the red boats in the first one.
It'll be fun to come back and take more pictures for Christmas.
Cold, but fun!

My mom had been so happy with my many (ok, three!) recent posts on the blog...
Let's see how happy she is when she finds out her butt is on the internet!


  1. your mum has a cute butt so I'm sure she won't mind at all!

    my favourite photo is the wooden jetty one; the water looks all dramatic with its two colours and choppy waves

    1. Right? If mine is as good at her age, i'll want it to be on the future-holo-net for sure!

  2. Nobody would had known unless ? kram