Wednesday, November 27, 2013

... and it's only getting colder

It's absolutely terrifying how little energy i've had in the last week.
I'm hoping it's a monthly lady related thing, cause if it's a winter thing, i might as well go into hibernation right now.
In the last couple of days, it's been so bad that i'll literally fall asleep whenever i sit down on anything more comfortable than an office chair.
If it doesn't improve i might have to give up my decaf for regular coffee!

It's getting real cold in Berlin, so on Monday we went to the local hardware store and bought a ton of insulation materials and film for the windows and doors.
The house is so cold already, and being at work these days means being isolated in separate rooms all day cause the hallway is so cold.
I'll be in the office, someone else will be in the drawing room, a clients friend will be in the waiting room, and someone will be tattooing in the work room.
All doors will be closed.
It's pretty antisocial!
But i'm hoping we can make it better than last winter, at least.
We're learning by living here, and hopefully one day we'll be Riesenbunker experts.

Speaking of the bunker, i accidentally booked in a client on our one year anniversary of living in this house.
I know, i'm an idiot, but even if i'd remembered, i might have booked it anyway, just cause i can't say no to traveling clients.

I can actually believe it's been a year.
I mean, sure time flies by, we all know that, and i know i'm supposed to say "i can't believe it's been a year already!" but looking at the house and all that we've accomplished... i'd say a year sounds about right!

In all my layers this morning

 Sunday ramen date

New record player! I enjoyed listening to Simon and Garfunkel while taking a bath the other day...

My fuschia is an indoor plant now, otherwise she won't make it through the winter

I cut about 15 damaged centimeters off Allan's hair

More indoor projects...

I built a new feeder for the birds (they don't seem to care much now, but when the ground is full of snow, they'll learn to love it!)

The local hardware store


  1. I'm sure you'll soon find your energy again, even if it's not due to lady business it's probably just the ebb of the tide. And I hope that client brings you guys a cake!! :)

    1. Thanks!
      Today was a little better, actually, but i did go to bed way earlier than normal too, so maybe that's something i should try to do more often.
      Being a night owl in the winter is just not very healthy!

  2. Today was so cold. Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow :-)

    Ps Allan has the best hair!

  3. Hi Lady - Virkelig godt tip mod træthed, and trust me, jeg dealer med det, det er flydende Kräuterblut, det smager egentlig okay, og det har en masse urter, som er godt for alt muligt andet, også hjælper det markant på ens energi, plus det er 100% rent og øko :)

    1. Tak! Jeg prøvede lige at google det, og det er primært mod jernmangel? Hvilket jeg sikkert har, så det burde jeg nok prøve. Jeg tager dog jern tabletter, men dem kan jeg jo bare tage en pause med. Øko er altid godt!