Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little, and definitely late

Oh, wow, that break just happened, huh?
Well, at least i'm not as bad as my husband who recently blogged for the first time since April.
Then again, he doesn't run around calling himself a "blogger", so there's that.

Lot's of stuff has been happening, but it's way too hot for me to properly describe any of them.
Yes, it's currently somewhere around 35c and well, that's just too much for this viking.
My brain stopped functioning a few days ago, to be honest, but as always, i figured that an incoherent update was better than no update at all.

I will just very quickly mention, because it relates to a pictures in this post that will otherwise have a very long caption, that one of the main things that has kept us busy lately has been preparing the house for a photo shoot, and even though we've known the date of the shoot for months, we started working way too late and had to basically work till 4 in the morning for several days in some pretty intense heat.
The shoot, which was on Wednesday, went great, though, and i can't wait to show you the pictures, after they've been published, of course.
Oh, and as a bonus, the house looks pretty amazing, and we've finished some projects that we've been putting off for months, so that's nice!

I almost can't wait until tomorrow.
It's supposed to be 25c and i don't think i've ever looked forward to 25c as much as i do now.
I usually love summer, but this heat is making claustrophobic and paranoid, and it's no fun.
I'm looking forward to maybe getting my mind back, perhaps even my appetite and energy?
That would be nice, cause hey, i have shit to do.

A few weeks back we rented a car and went to Leipzig to see the Boss and i got myself this fancy t-shirt (this is a pre-heatwave picture, obviously, i am so not wearing pants today)

One of two amazing ice cream places in the hood; this one has a salted butter caramel ice cream that is to die for, and cute tables

One of the projects i've been putting off was this: tiling the kitchen wall... it was terrifying, but fun, and i'm pretty pleased with the result, and the fact that i managed to do it all by myself

I've had the tiles for a couple of months, but sometimes you need a deadline, right?

I haven't even shown you the terrace, have i? 
It was built on my birthday in June, and i guess i should have found a better picture that this, but there'll be more, i swear

My one sunflower, on the fireescalpony

I don't cook much these days, but last week i cooked some soba noodles, and even made my own vegetarian tsuyu sauce

Friendly old neighbor man gave me these recently, and they're some of my favorites of the flowers on the stairs at the moment

We finally found a table for the cowboy bar, now we just need to fix the ceilings and buy some booze

This dress, this bag and that dog, basically my summer uniform

Yesterday we went to the lake with the Aussies, Kinga, and our friends Martin and Christel who are visiting from Copenhagen, and it was amazing

Even though Allan doesn't do the whole swimming thing, i'm pretty sure he enjoyed sitting in the shade drinking suspicious blue sodas all day
So, that was random!
I'll try to post a bit more regularly, cause i have so many things to share.
I hope you'll all still be here for that.


  1. Hørt! Denne viking kan slet slet heller ikke kapere den infame varme, der er i Berlin. Men synes nu alligevel, det ser ud, som om i klarer jer! Og virkelig flot køkken!

    /Karen Sofie

    1. Pyha, glad for at det ikke bare er mig der dør!
      Glæder mig så meget til 25c i morgen...

    2. Yes - og ikke mindst de under 20 grader om natten! God mandag aften :)

  2. Those tiles are AMAZING!!! So pretty. and the cowboy bar too.

  3. I have said it a hundred time before but I7ll say it again - your place is amazing! Well done on the tiling too, it looks fab!

    1. Thanks, it wasn't as difficult as i'd feared, actually.

  4. ha I have the same problem when is hot. Can't work properly. The sun is cooking my brain...I went to see the Boss recently and I didn't like it...The tickets were very expensive 220 euros for two people!!! Maybe I heard too much before the concert..everyone was saying is going to be the best show I ever se...well not for me...for me was boring and too long.. I guess I am more a punk- rock your new house rocks!

  5. i say it again, nice blog, nice pictures, nice tatoos u look beautiful with them! love it, love u