Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Language confusion

It seems like such a long time ago already, but it wasn't, that we had visitors from Japan.
We have a lot of nationalities passing through the bunker pretty much weekly, and our brains usually handle that pretty well, but in this case it became all scrambled.
We'd speak German to the Japanese and say "excuse me" in Japanese to German waiters at restaurants.
Maybe it's because our German is almost as crappy as our Japanese?
I don't know what the reason was, but the result was pretty hilarious.

Speaking of German, i've been thinking it's time to get serious about finding a teacher and learn for real, but at the same time it scares me.
Not because i don't want to speak German, cause i do. I intend to be here for a long time, and i'd like to at some point be able to have actual conversations with people.
The thing that scares me, is that if i start German lessons it'll be like i've officially given up on learning Japanese, if that makes any sense.
I honestly don't believe i have it in me to learn two more languages, and it's hard to accept that German will probably be the last language that i learn, with Japanese being my favorite language and all.
It's just hard to give up, like with any dreams, i guess.

Anyway, back to our visitors.
Shige and Chisato are awesome, and they like antiquing as much as we do.
And Ayaka likes Lucifer.
We had a lovely time with them, and i hope they'll be able to come back for more than two days some other time.

Most of these pictures are from around the neighborhood, and from this fantastic antique street in Charlottenburg that i'll definitely be going back to.

One guest just left, like literally just now, and the next arrives tonight.
I wish i had kept count of exactly how many people have been through here.
In the winter i'd already counted twenty, not including repeat visitors, so i wonder how many it is now?

Yesterday it didn't rain at all, so i did almost a whole day of gardening, after cleaning the shop and setting up for work.
I finally decided to steal a little patch of the common garden for myself, seeing as no one else is using it, and i had an apple tree and some zucchinis that needed a home. Oh, yeah, i found those this weekend on a nearby street fair. Fuck, Berlin is awesome.
The back of my thighs are just killing me today, but i still have a couple of square meters of ground elder roots to pull up, and if i thought that nettles had long roots, well, it's only cause i hadn't faced this particular opponent yet.
I generally don't like getting rid of plants just cause they're technically weeds, so i left a good patch of them.
And supposedly they're good for salad too, so maybe i'll end up eating them.

The dentist who parks next to our house every day brought me flowers to plant the other day, and a big bucket she wasn't using.
People are fucking nice here, i tell you.

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