Saturday, June 8, 2013

Country dinner

Tonight we sat out on our fireescalpony (yes, that's totally a word, what else would a fire-escape-turned-balcony be called?) and had an evening coffee.
We had candles and we didn't freeze at all.
We can't really eat a meal out there cause it's pretty tiny and we use an ikea stool for a table, but maybe soon we'll have that terrace and we'll never come inside again.
God, i love summer so much.

More Denmark pictures, this time of a very typical Danish summer meal... well, except maybe for the frozen falafels my mom always buys for me. She's sweet.
The things at the bottom are her baked celery fries, which tasted very, very good.

My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks, so i'm hoping that maaaybe the terrace will be done by then?
They love eating outdoors, and it'll also be Allan's birthday, and that means barbecue.
With or without terrace, there will be barbecuing!


  1. Baked celery fries? That sounds interesting.

  2. Baked celery fries ehh??? How ... what ... I want to try them. What should I do?