Friday, June 7, 2013

Black and white

Our friend Mattias, who happens to be a brilliant photographer, came and stayed with us a little while back, and took some pictures of us.
I don't have a lot of pictures of me and Allan together, so this portrait made me really happy.
Check out his blog, and his other blog with just black and white photos, for more awesomeness.
Thanks, dude, i love this!

(Photo by Mattias Westfalk)

Ps. Did you spot Lucifer?


  1. Sweeeet. I miss Berlin so f**king much! Tokyo is cool (no, it's not, it's rainy season so pretty muggy!) but to be able to pop down to the U-Bahn and get a decent cupacoffee and a killer sandwich is for me something totally splendid and awesome. It's the small things in life isn't it….and always greener on the other side…Lots of love and see you guys around for sure. Hugs to the Aussies and Luie!

    1. See, this is why you need to move here... sandwiches! And for us too, obviously!!