Thursday, May 2, 2013

The not so great one

A few more from the hospital, using a film i kinda guessed was no good, but it was all i had at the time.
I really don't like toy camera films, or films with "interesting effects" anymore.
I just like... pretty.
Too bad, cause that open roof with moss and grass growing on it, it was one of my absolute favorite places on the trip.
Probably one of the most dangerous too, because, well, check the no-floor picture... not taken from below. Good thing i'm not very heavy.

There are a few from around the house and Schöneberg as well, just because.
And of course, Lucifer.
Because it's been a while.

I have to do some work upstairs today, but i am still unsure of the pigeon situation (Allan works up there everyday, but i'm afraid to ask), so i'll be wearing headphones the whole time.
Better safe than crying all day!


  1. The newspaper says "Red Army"! Interesting there was so much Russian in that hospital. Also, I love seeing Lucifer, because he looks like a miniature version of my dog. Dogs with eyebrows are the best dogs.

    1. Well apparently the Russians took it over after the war, and made it into a military hospital, the largest outside of Russia.
      They didn't leave until 1994, and it's been empty ever since.

  2. Jeg kan godt lide dine grynede billede! Flot flot flot!

  3. Hey I hope the pigeon situation has er resolved. I saw a beautiful all white one today and thought of you.
    This is probably the wrong post but not worries about our squirrels, we would never harm them. They are living a good life up there and one of these days we will gently relocate them. Right now we are waiting to make sure there are no babies or that the babies are grown enough to get out.we will try repellant which is pepper based then if that doesn't work humane traps. the photos and the blog and most of all you guys!

    1. It's really weird with the attic situation.
      I haven't been up there for two weeks, cause i didn't wanna hear them, but Allan works there every day, and he told me they'd stopped making noises, but today they were back!
      There's no way they could stay alive for that long, so there must still be an entrance, which is super frustrating, but also really awesome, cause maybe no one died! Or maybe some did, and these are new guys, i don't know, but i'm gonna have to do something different this time, instead of leaving it up the the building manager.