Thursday, May 9, 2013


Sorry for the blog silence, i haven't gone into another blog-hibernation or anything, but i have spent my entire weekend cleaning the house.
Or, not exactly, there were coffee breaks and ice cream hangouts and friend visits, but damn, we did spend a lot of time fixing up the place.

I spent the whole day on Friday just cleaning the guest floor and fixing up the yard, where strangers have the unfortunate habit of smoking and breaking bottles while we're out.
Saturday we had plans, but then we continued with the cleaning and fixing up on Sunday, after our usual half-day-coffee-lunch-marathon-with-the-gang, of course.
It was a tough one, and we were completely beat once we finished around midnight or something, but we got it done.

Our motivation was, besides the fact that it was just that time again, visitors from Japan, and the new amp and vintage speakers we finally bought for our vinyl corner of the living room.
New toys really do make you want to pretty up the place, you know?
And so does having visitors whose fabulous house you've already stayed at!

Shige, Chisato and Ayaka, who i am sure my long time blog readers already know pretty well, arrived Monday night and left yesterday, so it was a brief but fun visit, and we spent most of it eating or antiquing, which is pretty much our favorite things in the world.
And Lucifer is close to being hairless today, after two days of intense hugging by a nine year old, who i suspect will very soon get a dog of her own!
Hi did enjoy the attention, i'm sure, and he always behaves so well when we have guests.

I'll be posting some pictures from the last few days as soon as my film is finished, but until then, i'll continue to post whatever hasn't been posted yet.
These ones are from our last days in Copenhagen before moving.
Packing and riding my bike around the neighborhood.
Going back next week, and staying at a hotel in the area we lived in for about six years, is gonna be so, so strange.
Almost as strange as a bunch of our friends and acquaintances, the Japanese included, being in Copenhagen right now without us.

Today it's raining, something i used to hate, but have come to appreciate after buying about a million trees and flowers for the yard.
Watering them requires me crawling in through a basement window to fill up three huge watering cans that i shouldn't even be carrying considering my arms and stuff, and carrying them out again, multiplied by about ten.
So yay rain!


  1. That mirror with the candles! Just wow!! Also, very glad you're back blogging again, you've been missed!

    1. Thanks, that's nice to hear!
      The mirror looks even better now, in our new place.