Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm currently so frustrated about not being able to find anyone to build our terrace, that i'm considering doing it myself.
Which is obviously ridiculous, but i am getting impatient.
I haven't even gotten around to tiling the kitchen wall, something that apparently terrifies me, or i would have done it ages ago, so maybe i should do that before tricking myself into thinking i have any carpentry skills?
At least it's still cold-ish, and rainy, but one day soon, summer will be here, and we'll wanna sit outside and eat, and barbeque, and drink morning coffee, and...

If anyone needs me, i guess i'll be on Craigslist.


Ps. These are from Bisserup. Me and my parents (and Lucifer) went to this lake to steal water plants for my mom and dad's new lake, and it was a great success.
We decided against taking any frogs away from their home, but we did get an accidental salamander... he seemed quite happy in his new home, though.

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