Friday, April 19, 2013

The West

Today has been pretty wonderful.
I still feel like we have some major things we need to do before i can truly relax, and they're taking up way too much space in my head, but i managed to not think about any of that today, and just take a day off with my husband.
The weather was amazing, and we rode Allan's bike around West Berlin, doing errands and sightseeing all at once.
I bought myself a new perfume, which i never do, like ever.
You know, i have this one perfume i almost can't wear cause it takes me back to a vacation in Germany years ago, and it's not like it was a bad trip, it's just that it brings out the memories in such a powerful way, it's like i'm almost there again.
And i realized today that i want that. I want a scent that reminds me of right now, that in a few years can take me back to my first spring living in Berlin, in my new house, my new life.
I hope this will be it, cause it was very expensive, and i don't really have the money to do this twice.
God, i'm the most indecisive person ever. I currently smell like four different perfumes, and i managed to buy one and go back and change it to another one less than five minutes after leaving the department store.

I'm still really enjoying planting.
I have a bit of garden envy, cause well, our yard is a lot of concrete, and it's not even really ours, but having a fire escape more than makes up for it.
That place is such a sanctuary.
And its quirkiness almost makes it better than a real balcony, in a way.
I've planted fresh herbs our there. Not from seeds, though, that shit takes way too long, and gardening at the old shop in Denmark taught me that i don't really have the patience for that.


I wish

In my jungle

This is how warm it was today

Those eyes, right?

My loot from my Bauhaus date with Sarah yesterday... i'm gonna plant the tree tomorrow

The front tire on my bike died during the winter, so today we took it to a bike shop to get it replaced.
They told me it'll be about a week, so of course i all of a sudden miss biking like crazy!
I should have brought both my bikes here when we moved, but i don't think i could have predicted how small my need for a Copenhagen bike was gonna be.

Hey, you know what else i miss?
Taking real fucking pictures!
That's it, i'm putting film in the Canon tomorrow.


  1. I'm with you on the growing from seed. Half of mine get eaten before they get a chance to grow. I know what you mean about smells. I wore this perfume the first time I went to Europe and a Macy Gray song was constantly in my head. Everytime I hear the song or smell the perfume, it takes me back to that trip in a really strong way.

  2. Yah guurrrll bare legs and everything! It's still pouring buckets here in Victoria. :(

  3. I'm looking for a good film camera. Which one would you recommend? I love your film pictures :)

  4. It's cold again here too. Goddammit!

  5. Ah yeah, songs too. Being taken back like that is amazing, equal parts happy and sad.

  6. I don't know much about cameras, i just like the one i have which is an old Canon. All my cameras are Canon, more or less, so i'm partial to those.

  7. Sorry the comments look weird all of a sudden, i removed disqus, so now it looks like i didn't reply to anyone individually. I'm sure you'll work it out, though!