Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The three seasons

I think i'm not blogging because it's still winter.
It's April 2nd and it snowed today.
It always fucking snows.
I can't even begin to describe how over it i am.
Like everyone in this city, i want spring.
I check the weather forecast every hour, hoping for better news than "more of the fucking same, thanks for asking", but so far i don't think we've made it above 3c.
My parents are coming to visit this week, and i'd really hoped for some actual spring for their second time here, but i guess that was too much to ask, huh?

Anyway, besides the weather literally driving me mad, all is good.
The shop is looking better and better, and the rest of the house is finally getting a bit of attention too.
Tomorrow we have a day off that is dedicated to finishing up the kitchen, or, as much as we can without having tiles.
We also have some wallpaper that's just waiting to be put up, but we gotta pay some bills before we start spending on all the fun stuff.

I messed my hands up drawing the other day, and i'm almost back to how it was when it started.
Very frustrating, cause it means that even though i thought i was getting much better, i really wasn't.
Not if i'm not able to do things.
I can't just not do things for the rest of my life.
I'm wondering if it was still worth it, but i guess that doesn't matter much now.

Hey, what a total shitfest this post turned into!
Well, that's what happens when you tell me to blog when i'm not really in the mood for it (yes, my mom again).
At least the pictures are less gloomy than the text.
I deliberately chose pictures without snow.
If you can't see it, it's not really there, right?

 Hauptstrasse on a brighter day

 Little ray of sun in the livingroom

From today, i just bought new flowers

Last week at Mi Ouda, Kinga and Lucifer hanging out

Instaspam, as usual
(1. We finally got our portraits framed 2. Wendy and Lucifer 3. Sarah getting her birthday tattoo by Allan 4. A bit of crafting, the kind that doesn't hurt my hands)

(1. Bedroom 2. Lucifer, king of Café Morsh 3. My studio wall 4. Bestest cappuccino, the caffeinated kind)

Me and Allan are one season 6 of Bones at the moment.
It's a little silly how into that show we are.
I also started watching Sherlock, and it is delightful!
Oh, and tomorrow night we're hopefully watching Game of Thrones.
If you have any good sreaming suggestions, please let me know, as we are unable to do our usual "download-watch-on-tv-via-xbox-then-delete" trick here in Germany.
Apparently they will fine you absurd amounts of money for even the tiniest download activity.
Yeah, not worth it, but so annoying, and also the reason i am the only one who still haven't seen season 3 of The Walking Dead.
There were bound to be some cons to moving here, right?  


  1. movie2k.to always works for me when I want to watch a show!

  2. One positive thing about living in a city that gets real winter is you also get real sunshine. It seems to be the trade off. I don't miss the winter of the town I grew up in (because it got REALLY cold there) but man I hate the grey winters here in Victoria.

  3. Glad you're enjoying Sherlock, I loved it. Do yourself a favour though, and don't rush through it - the third season isn't out until next year and the wait might just kill you. You'll know what I mean when you get there.

    Sorry you're feeling poop. Hopefully you'll get some sun soon. We had sun today and it was glorious, even if it was zero degrees out. It makes all the difference :)

  4. Damn. I rushed. Only have one left, i guess.

  5. This has been the darkest winter in like 25 years, so there really hasn't been any positive things about living in a real winter place this year.