Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Less writing, more bunnies

Let's see... spring is here, my parents went home, we had more visitors, i had coffee on the almost-a-balcony and we went to a flea market and drank a bunch of coffee.
That about sum it up?
Probably not, but my memory is no good, and neither is my writing lately.

My parents went home on Thursday.
I had such a good time having them here, and they were, as always, so awesome and helpful.
They took me, and Sarah, to Bauhaus to buy flowers and without their help i would almost certainly have left there with a bunch of plants not suitable for outdoor living.
I'm so bad at gardening, but it makes me so happy. 
So far, none of the things i planted with my mom have died, and the yard actually looks great.

We've been taking it easy with renovations because of guests from Denmark, and maybe a bit of building fatigue, but i feel like i'm ready to get started again.
Maybe i'll do some housework today?

The weather is grey right now, not at all as lovely and hot as yesterday, but i'm still just so grateful for the fact that my winter coat is in the basement where it belongs, that i don't even care if it rains all day.

Bunnies in the park, first time i've seen them in the daytime!

Flower bulbs from a neighbor who parks in our yard and saw us planting... so nice!

Evening sun, and some newly planted flowers on the "balcony"

Sunday coffee spot

First time sitting out this year, with Aussies, a dog, a German...

... and two Danes

Breakfast before the flea market

I wish this door was glass so i could look out all the time

First breakfast (a banana) ever on the balcony. Lucifer wanted to join me

We weren't supposed to go to Double Eye yesterday, but we did anyway... and we didn't wear coats!

(1. My parents' van was packed when me and Sarah were done shopping 2. My mom and dad brought us this lovely old filing cabinet for the shop, among many other wonderful things 3. Plants! 4. More plants!!)

 (1. Flea market find, found and donated by my mom 2. My jungle... i can't wait for it to turn green 3. Blue skies yesterday, mostly 4. Family portrait from the shop instagram)

We have to go back to Copenhagen for a visit soon, and i'¨m already panicking about how expensive it's gonna be.
That, and i'm worried about getting homesick. 


  1. Everything looks so nice!! You guys are killing it in Berlin!