Sunday, April 28, 2013


Spring, the smell of spring, everything about it, always makes me think of Japan.
Maybe because it's where i've been spending the better part of spring for the last nine-ish years, not counting the awful year of 2011.
And now that spring has finally come to Berlin, i miss Japan like you wouldn't believe.
For a second there you thought the headline was about Denmark, didn't you?
Not a chance.

I finally started taking pictures again.
Proper pictures, with my proper camera.
You wouldn't believe the change in my mood and confidence.
I'll never take a break from photography this long ever again.

Here are some of the pictures from one of the last films i shot before my break.
They're from our last trip to Japan, the short one right before we moved to Berlin.
There were some pictures on it from Denmark too, but i'll get to those later.
These are better, anyway, and looking at them makes me happy.

I feel like i have so much to tell, but it's Sunday and i promised myself i'd relax.
Maybe tomorrow.
Right now the plan is to Skype with my mom, and maybe watch some more Dr. Who on Netflix.


  1. Virkelig smukke billeder!

  2. flotte flotte billeder babe!! Jeg er også helt Japan tosset... og tosset med dig

  3. You capture Japan so well in your pictures that you somehow make ME miss Japan even though I have never been there!!

    1. Haha, thanks, that's pretty awesome! I guess you'll need to go then!

  4. Hi! I noticed your blog looking up info about shige tattoes. I saw that you husband took a full backpiece and i wanted to know how long did you have to wait "in line" for the tatto and how much did i cost? Actually i want to know the whole story:D if thats ok. If im gonna get a tatto shige is the only one who i have found that i will allow too do it! All i have seen him done is amazing work! Including your fox on the leg! Nice tatto:)

    1. Hi, not to sound mean or anything, but how long we wait to get tattooed and what it costs is really not anybody's business but our own.
      I definitely think you should try to get tattooed by Shige, he is great, but for price and waiting list, you should ask him or his wife Chisato.
      I recommend getting a Japanese speaking person to call the studio for you and ask, that's the fastest way.

      Best of luck.