Monday, April 29, 2013

First days here

I just got pictures back from a really special trip we went on last week, and they're actually pretty amazing.
So of course i'd like nothing better than to post them right now, but the pictures require a bit of happy story telling, and to tell you the truth, i am not in a great mood right now.
I'm actually really heartbroken.

We just had some guys here to fix a broken part of the roof, and that part of the roof have pigeons living in it.
We've been hearing them and their babies for a few months now, when we're upstairs.
They're so loud we thought they were rats at first.
The roof guys tried to get the birds out, or at least they said they did, but in the end they said they couldn't get to all of them, and they closed it up, leaving our upstairs neighbors locked in to die. In my house.
There are innocent animals dying inside my house right now, and they don't even know it yet.
I can't even tell you how upset this makes me.
Obviously i won't be able to use a whole floor of my house until these poor creatures pass away.
God knows how long that takes.
I'd fall apart if i heard them up there, knowing they can't get out.

So yeah, that fucking completely ruined an otherwise nice, sunny day, so no special pictures.
Just... other pictures.

These are from the house formerly known as the Riesenbunker.
I don't feel like using cute pet names for this deathtrap today.
The pictures are from our first week here, i think.



  1. that's horrible to hear, the thing with the pigeons! how could those guys do that?

    any chance on getting them out? giving them a chance? open the roof again?

    I have a pigeon nesting on my balcony right now. yes, they leave dirt behind (just like every other creature)and lots (dare I even say: most) people don't consider them animals that have a right to live. I'm also heartbroken over how they're looked at.

    I wish you and them good luck, I hope you find a better solution :-( so sorry.

    And to end this comment with something positive:
    Very beautiful light in your picutres!!

    1. I'm afraid it's done, they had to close it because of potential water damage to the house if they left it open, and it's what they were hired to do.

      I agree with you, pigeons have a bad reputation and people think it's ok to treat them like shit cause they're sooo inferior to other birds. Which is bullshit, they're perfectly nice birds, cute even.

      Thanka a lot for your comment.

  2. That's so sad :( What a horrible way for the roof guys to do it. And won't it get all horribly smelly up there with birds trapped in there and dying?

    Hope you can sort it some other way :( *hugs*

    1. I was asking them about the smell too, but they didn't seem to think that'd be a problem. At least it's not open down into the rooms, but still, the thought of it is fucking gross.
      I think they tried their best, i just hope they got most of them out at least.

  3. What the heck??? That seems like a really weird solution, oh let's just trap them up there until they die??? Like Sam said, isn't that going to smell and cause a fly problem too? The fuck?

    And as a fellow animal lover it makes me sad too. :(

    1. Apparently our building manager lady gave them instructions to try and get the birds out (and i obviously did too), but they told Allan that they'd tried and thought they got them, but when they closed up and went inside they could still hear them.
      I fucking bawled my eyes out, it's so unfair, but i do think they tried. It's a crampy little space, so i don't know what could have been done.
      But even though i can rationalize it, and i know there's nothing i can do, i'm still so sad and angry.
      I guess the potential water damage to the building is a bigger concern than flies? I don't know, it just sucks.

  4. :(...
    I'm so sorry! We have squirrels nesting in our attic and have to get them out but don't want to harm them....
    Oh I'm just so sorry!

    1. Aw, man, i hope your squirrels get a better deal than my pigeons.
      These guys weren't even inside the house, just in the space between the ceiling and roof kind of?
      Such a bummer.

  5. Det kan jeg SATME godt forstÄ du er pÄvirket af!