Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Almost spring-like

I'm generally feeling pretty sad these days for some reason, but at least my parents are here* and the weather seems to finally be improving.
Can't be sad about that!

I just can't resist a nice spice rack

Winterfeldtplatz market on Saurday, we bought good cheese and shitty flowers

Mom and dad aren't really the coffee shop types, but they did come to Mi Ouda with us for a cappuccino

I gave my mom my old iPhone, and even though it doesn't have a sim card yet, she's already pretty obsessed... welcome to the future, mom!

On Sunday, we accidentally found an amazing tile shop, and now i think i finally know what to do about that bare wall over the kitchen table

I made a new friend yesterday, i don't know which of us looks more tired!

*Not right this minute, cause they went to Bavaria yesterday to visit an instrument factory.
I like that they go off on their own to see stuff, but i'm still excited for them to come back.


  1. jeg elsker dig! det kan du heller ikke være trist over

  2. Nej, det kan jeg ikke. Du er sødest :)

  3. Your house is amazing! Treasures everywhere. You could totally charge admission.