Keep it swingin'

Today my dad's jazz band, Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel, is celebrating their 50th anniversary, and i was supposed to be in Copenhagen to celebrate, but due to the usual suspects; time and money, we couldn't make it.

They're having an anniversary show at Copenhagen Jazzhouse this afternoon, and i would have blogged about it sooner if it wasn't for the fact that the show have been sold out for weeks, to the point where they're over capacity.
Good for them.

So yeah, this is just a little post to say congratulations, and i wish i was there.

Oh, and while they don't have a webshop set up, they do have a lot of different CD's available, and if you send my mom an email, she'll sell you one at a very reasonable price:*

If you're Danish, you can read more about the band and their music here:

Happy Sunday, everyone!

 That's my dad on the left in front, rockin' out with the saxophone

*They are available on iTunes as well, but for reasons involving shifty record people, the band haven't seen any money from those sales, so i can't really recommend supporting that.

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