Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday filler

I apologize in advance if my next couple of posts are a little random, but i feel like the only way to get back into blogging is to just keep posting, whether i have something to say or not.
I worry about this blog, and i don't wanna drift away from it any further than i already have.
I've always managed to find my way back before, but i'm still all confused.
It'll probably get a lot better when i start shooting with my Canon again (just thinking about how long it's been is giving me guilt-chills).
I liked how the blog looked with only analog pictures, and maybe i feel disconnected from blogging, cause this doesn't look like it's supposed to?
I also miss documenting my life properly.
It's just not the same with just my phone.

Today i'm gonna try to not think about anything boring, or worrying, or practical, or upsetting.
I've been doing plenty of that, and my head needs a break.
I just wanna enjoy being at work, getting shit done, an hopefully having a great weekend with flea markets and girl time, and good food, and movies and stuff.*
Yeah, that sounds good.

(1. Double Eye goodness 2. Actual Berliner stuff 3. My handsome boy 4. A few of my awesome new rugs)

The walk-in closet, or whatever is an appropriate name for a room that's bigger than my old bedroom, in progress

*The sun has left us again, that's why there's no mention of "long walks in the park"


  1. http://trinethetrickster.blogsMarch 8, 2013 at 4:06 PM

    Don't I know the feeling?
    Just keep trucking.

  2. I bet once you guys settle into more of a routine you'll find more time for putting your thoughts "on paper". For now though you have so much going on. I wouldn't be drawn to blogging much either if I had so much on my plate!

  3. What a gorgeous room! I should turn one of our bedrooms into a dressing room :D

  4. Ingen grund til at forklare, bare vid (kan man egentlig overhovedet sige sådan?) at det er monsterdejligt når der er en post fra dig.
    Dejlig dag til dig.

  5. Hey Amalie it's kinda normal you haven't been so active on here.

    I mean let's face it, you would have reasons to feel guilty if you'd just not bothered any more... you've been super busy and active elsewhere building your new life in every sense that notion means so all the best to you and I'm sure regular blogging will resume once you've got your bearings back :)