Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cause my mom said so...

 Yeah, my mother, who talks to me pretty regularly, and is coming to visit me next week, complained about the lack of blog updates, and demanded that i posted something... anything.
So here is "anything".
A few pictures from the phone, a few words written with tired hands and a foggy brain.

 (1. Drawing room at the shop was the last room to be painted this time around 2. Welcome to Conspiracy Inc. 3. Keeping myself company 4. Comfypants McGee)

(1. Sewing spot in the sun 3.Bath time in good company 3. Lucifer in his office 4. Guest room)
The Aussies arrived this morning and we picked them up at the airport.
We've been working like crazy to get the shop ready, and it got late last night, so i'm pretty sleepy now, but  Allan took them to a concert, so i'm enjoying a quiet night at home.
So far it has consisted of writing a few emails, and listening to some music, but i might throw in a bath and some healthy snacks, and possibly something alien or David Attenborough related on Netflix.

I'll be back with a real post soon, but for now, i think this is sufficient to get my mom off my back :)

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