Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cause my mom said so...

 Yeah, my mother, who talks to me pretty regularly, and is coming to visit me next week, complained about the lack of blog updates, and demanded that i posted something... anything.
So here is "anything".
A few pictures from the phone, a few words written with tired hands and a foggy brain.

 (1. Drawing room at the shop was the last room to be painted this time around 2. Welcome to Conspiracy Inc. 3. Keeping myself company 4. Comfypants McGee)

(1. Sewing spot in the sun 3.Bath time in good company 3. Lucifer in his office 4. Guest room)
The Aussies arrived this morning and we picked them up at the airport.
We've been working like crazy to get the shop ready, and it got late last night, so i'm pretty sleepy now, but  Allan took them to a concert, so i'm enjoying a quiet night at home.
So far it has consisted of writing a few emails, and listening to some music, but i might throw in a bath and some healthy snacks, and possibly something alien or David Attenborough related on Netflix.

I'll be back with a real post soon, but for now, i think this is sufficient to get my mom off my back :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter, wonder, whatever

I am dying to post pictures of the new shop, but at the same time, i just wanna wait till it's completely finished.
Or as close to finished as it's gonna get in the next few weeks, or ever.
I was looking at photos of the old shop a few days ago, and i actually got a little sentimental.
It was a good shop, and in some ways more overwhelming than this one, but i'm still glad we decided to go in a different direction.
New is good, copying is not, not even if it's yourself you're copying.

We did a lot of work this weekend, and tomorrow we're going on a Bauhaus supply trip so we can paint the last room (in the shop, that is, there'll always be one more room to paint...) and hang some more decorative stuff.
I'm pretty proud of our progress, the tattoo room in particular is looking awesome and fancy and completely unlike the old one.

Not really in the mood for any kind of personal talk today, so i'm just gonna post some pictures instead, cause even when they're kind of bad, pictures are still pretty good... like pizza!

On Sunday it became winter again...

 ... but we still went out for coffee (but no flea markets)

I am so very over snow, i don't even care if it's pretty, i just want milder weather and warm feet for a change

Shop hallway... we need more antlers... always more antlers

My sewing table and two lamps i got at Maurpark flea market

Almost ready to start getting crafty again

The living room was nice and sunny this morning, and i made eggs for breakfast, just because

To follow up on my last post, i talked to my parents who told me that the anniversary concert went great.
They had people lining up in the street to get in, lots of friends came to see them, and lost of guest musicians, singers and dancers made appearances.
So basically one of those can't-miss events.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Keep it swingin'

Today my dad's jazz band, Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel, is celebrating their 50th anniversary, and i was supposed to be in Copenhagen to celebrate, but due to the usual suspects; time and money, we couldn't make it.

They're having an anniversary show at Copenhagen Jazzhouse this afternoon, and i would have blogged about it sooner if it wasn't for the fact that the show have been sold out for weeks, to the point where they're over capacity.
Good for them.

So yeah, this is just a little post to say congratulations, and i wish i was there.

Oh, and while they don't have a webshop set up, they do have a lot of different CD's available, and if you send my mom an email, she'll sell you one at a very reasonable price:*

If you're Danish, you can read more about the band and their music here:

Happy Sunday, everyone!

 That's my dad on the left in front, rockin' out with the saxophone

*They are available on iTunes as well, but for reasons involving shifty record people, the band haven't seen any money from those sales, so i can't really recommend supporting that.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday filler

I apologize in advance if my next couple of posts are a little random, but i feel like the only way to get back into blogging is to just keep posting, whether i have something to say or not.
I worry about this blog, and i don't wanna drift away from it any further than i already have.
I've always managed to find my way back before, but i'm still all confused.
It'll probably get a lot better when i start shooting with my Canon again (just thinking about how long it's been is giving me guilt-chills).
I liked how the blog looked with only analog pictures, and maybe i feel disconnected from blogging, cause this doesn't look like it's supposed to?
I also miss documenting my life properly.
It's just not the same with just my phone.

Today i'm gonna try to not think about anything boring, or worrying, or practical, or upsetting.
I've been doing plenty of that, and my head needs a break.
I just wanna enjoy being at work, getting shit done, an hopefully having a great weekend with flea markets and girl time, and good food, and movies and stuff.*
Yeah, that sounds good.

(1. Double Eye goodness 2. Actual Berliner stuff 3. My handsome boy 4. A few of my awesome new rugs)

The walk-in closet, or whatever is an appropriate name for a room that's bigger than my old bedroom, in progress

*The sun has left us again, that's why there's no mention of "long walks in the park"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Feelings and stuff

I've had a sensitive couple of days. That's what i call them. Sensitive.
Some days are just like that; anxiety comes to me easier than normally, little things seems big.
And the big things, cause there are a couple of those too, seem impossible to handle.
And the really sucky thing is, there's rarely just one of them. I should call it a sensitive week instead. That'd be more accurate.
I've had quite a bit of guilt too, guilt over not being perfectly happy, which is ridiculous.
Nobody is perfectly happy all the time, not even now that it's officially spring, and the fact that i made it through the darkest German winter in 60 years with a smile on my face, is quite the accomplishment in itself.
Guilt is lame, and so is anxiety, but i'll live.

Renovations are good.
We've been doing a lot of work on the tattoo room, cause our deadline is approaching fast.
We still have a whole room to start (and finish) so i hope i'll be able to really use my hands soon.
They're better, though, my hands!
Today i put on make-up (cause we were going to an insurance meeting) without my fingers going completely numb, so that was pretty awesome. Not looking like hell is pretty awesome too, i must admit.
I guess i'll never know if it's the acupuncture, or just me not doing shit, that's making them better, but hey, as long as something is happening, right?

We're also still working on our attic, you know the one with the rats (that might actually be pigeons, so maybe birds after all?), and it's coming along great.
I gave my parents a Skype tour, although the internet didn't quite work up there.
I'm gonna enjoy some sunny afternoons in my corner very soon.

Hello kitchen

Hello Lucifer in his new office bed

Today i'm working at the shop.
In the office.
Like a normal person with a job!
Sometimes it's a little too easy to get distracted and go built something, but to be honest, i didn't have much of a reason to be down here before the internet was installed.
I think i'm gonna like it, though, the office.
And i think Lucifer kinda likes it too.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

From a sofa in Schöneberg

Did i tell you guys that we saw a rabbit in the park a little while back?
We were out walking Lucifer in the park, and it was late and snowing, and i said to Allan: "look at that rabbit shaped thing over there!" and when we got a little closer, the rabbit shaped thing hopped away.
I think i actually said to him: "hey, the rabbit shaped thing was a rabbit!"
I googled Berlin wildlife, and apparently the rabbit population is a bit out of control, cause there are no foxes anymore.
That's too bad. But i do like rabbits and i hope i'll see more.

Yesterday at the same park i saw a nerd couple practicing their longsword battle techniques (and i don't mean the duckt tape kind either), so there's always something going on, even in our mellow little corner of the city.

Ah, the city. I am looking so much forward to exploring it, on bike and on foot, without (an irrational) fear of hypothermia.
I know, it hasn't been that cold, but sightseeing is for warm days, and it finally looks as if they're on their way.
Today, and yesterday, saw the first sun in weeks, and holy crap, what a difference that makes.
When i woke up this morning, alone cause Allan had spent the night in Hamburg, there was a huge sunbeam right there in our bedroom, and i realized it was a first.
The first really sunny morning since we moved here.
There was sun in the guest room downstairs too, or so Sarah (who i'd kidnapped for a sleepover) told me.

So, the house...
We're always doing so many things it's hard to keep up, but i think the biggest change since my last post, is probably the attic, and the fact that we've started decorating it.
This is something that i've been dreading cause they're huge rooms, and i frankly don't know how to decorate huge rooms, but we haven't completely fucked it up yet.
In fact, it's getting kind of cozy up there, and apparently we're not the only ones who think so, cause we've discovered (or maybe "heard" is more accurate) a rather large family of unidentified rodents living up under the roof.
They shuffle around a lot, and their babies make loud squeaky noises that we at first mistook for birds chirping. They weren't birds.
No, i'm not freaking out, cause they're not actually inside the house, but we still gave the building manager a call and she promised to get right on it.
A friend assured Allan that it wasn't rats, but rather a breed of small mice (i've seen them around, they're friggin adorable), and also mentioned that they're quite common in houses here.
That made me feel a little better. Not that i don't like rats, i do, i just really don't want them as roommates.
Hey, in Danish, to have rats in the attic means to be crazy.
I just thought you should know.

Is this a weird post?
I'm sorry, but it's like i don't know how to write anymore!
I think maybe i used to be good at it, but it's really hard to get back into it.
Even typing is a struggle, and not just cause my hands are fucked (slightly less fucked, though, if you were wondering).

Yeah, let's do pictures!

The sunbeam from this morning... yes, of course i took a picture, it was a big deal

Lucifer enjoyed it too (he's looking very focused cause he's in the middle of a whole series of morning stretches)

A couple of days ago we had wallpaper put up in what will soon be our walk-in closet (also, i had my bangs trimmed, and the dude took 10 cm off the length of my hair too... what a bummer)

The windows over my studio space

A few from instagram
 (1. At café Mi Ouda last Sunday where i wore a summer dress in sprite of the weather 2. Decorating in the attic 3. Morning coffee in bed 4. From this morning... i love it when they start to open up)

 My yearlong alpaca obsession can be seen almost everywhere in the house*

More instagram, in a different format
 (1. Nick just left a few days ago after staying and working with us for three weeks 2. My fat ass bought a new pair of jeans 3. My fat ass also bought another cat teapot! 4. Living room one... 5. ... and two 6. Wallpaper and Rilakkuma)

Catching up with Squeakers and Batman

I'm turning into a flower person, i think

I still feel like we just got here, but tomorrow it's been three months. Three!
We need to hurry up and finish the shop before our new co-workers arrive from Australia, and we also need to get health insurance, which is something i, as a Dane, have never had to worry about before.
Being an expat is all new and weird, huh?

* I don't think i ever mentioned this, but the last few years i've been taking pictures of alpaca related items, mostly found in Tokyo, with the intent of doing a blog post only with alpaca's, but i keep forgetting to post them.
Maybe because i have to sort through literally thousands of pictures to find them all?