Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Five days in the country side.
A bit of snow, some rain, good food, a distinct lack of christmas spirit, a happy dog, two sick family members, a few walks in some beautiful nature.

Then six days in the city.
The first four in our empty apartment, sleeping on an air mattress, cleaning till our fingers almost literally bled, watching TV shows on the laptop at night.
Then two nights at our lovely friends' lovely apartment, where we could luckily sleep after turning over our apartment to the landlord.

Allan tattooed for a few days, and we tried to help David with the shop as much as we could.
We also got in as much hangout time as we could at Sort Kaffe & Vinyl, a high priority.
We had good some good times, sure, but boy, were we homesick.
Like i haven't been since i was a child... only different.
I missed everything. I missed walking down Hauptstrasse in the rain, i missed the color of my bedroom walls, i missed George Clooney (our Nespresso machine), i missed decorating our bathroom and going to Bauhaus... just everything, pretty much, and i felt like i already didn't belong in Copenhagen anymore.
We talked about Berlin all the time, to the point where it felt like moving here had just been some wonderful dream.
But obviously, it wasn't.

On New Years eve, the 31st, yesterday, David took took us to the airport and about an hour later, we were home.
Lucifer was a champ, by the way. That dog is just so good at traveling, i tell you.
Anyway, i'd been worried, cause worrying is what i do, that maybe i wouldn't feel as happy to be back as i'd hoped to and imagined?
Those last few days in Copenhagen actually had me so drained and sad that i was thinking these thoughts, but of course they were wrong.
We came home, and my heart just exploded, and i felt like i was really home.

Last night was one of the most atypical New Years Eve's i've ever had..
I know i don't go out often, but i do like dressing up and giving into tradition, so staying home and eating takeout, while wearing sweatpants and not even a hint of makeup?
Not watching the Queens speach or singing the national anthem at midnight? Very odd for me.
But it was just what i needed.
Not just breaking traditions, which is pretty healthy, i think, but just relaxing.
We watched movies and at midnight we watched the fireworks (sometimes a little too close!) from the fire escape, and we ate snacks and ice cream and fell asleep in front of the TV.
We had a tiny bit of champagne, but that was about as New Years-y as it got.
At least we had some good friends over, which seems less pathetic, right?
Sarah was here, and our friend Toshi from Japan, who's working in Germany at the moment, came up to stay the night with his girlfriend Helen.

Everyone's gone home today, and it's just the three of us at the bunker.
We're snacking and cuddling and doing just a tiny bit of decorating and hole drilling, so pretty much everything i dreamed of doing while we were in Denmark.

Here are some iPhone pictures from Bisserup.
Like i said, Copenhagen drained me, so i barely took any pictures there.
Bisserup is prettier anyway.

 The day before Christmas was plenty white

Blurry end of the year family portrait

The day after Christmas was wet and mild, and me and Lucifer had a lovely walk... we missed my mom, though, but she was too sick to go with us

Just lovely, isn't it?

I'm not doing any kind of retrospect or anything here, but i would like to mention that we had an amazing year last year, with so many amazing experiences. Too many to mention and in any case, 2012 will probably always just be "The Year We Moved To Berlin".

When civilization returns to Germany (who knows how long that will take? Everything is closed today!) i'm gonna try to find this photo place we've had recommended.
I have some films that need developing, and also, ahem, a blog that needs updating!