Monday, November 5, 2012


I still can't believe that i'll be able to call this magical place "home" in a very short time.
How lucky is that?
No, not luck. Hard work and stubbornness is more like it, but it makes me feel lucky, nonetheless.
And maybe a little guilty about being here, when i feel like i should either be in Denmark, packing, or in Berlin, painting walls.
But one thing at a time.
Will my brain ever learn that?

A few photos from our trip to Berlin in... i don't even remember when this was, cause there's been so many!
The one were we went to meet the manager of the building that will soon be our home.
That trip.

Pictures are from Schöneberg and Kreuzberg.

I autoposted this one, cause i'll be offline for a few days while we're in Yokohama getting tattooed.
Maybe i'll be able to post a finished tattoo soon?
That'd be something!

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