Friday, November 9, 2012

No time for words

I came back to the shop from a lovely day out in Tokyo, i then Skyped with my parents for about half an hour, and now Allan is done working and i feel like the shop might close at any time, without me having done any blogging.
In other words, i'm panicking!
My internet cravings have gotten so bad i actually lie awake at night, writing clever blog posts in my head, posts that are of course forgotten in the morning... yeah, it's pretty bad!

Well, as i said, it's not like i have time for cleverness anyway, so here are some pictures instead.
They are from Sankeien Garden (where, if you've followed me for a while, you've also been before) on monday when Allan was getting tattooed.
Yes, i also got tattooed, the next day, and both our tattoos are finished.
And yes, i will most definitely be posting pictures!

Highlights of the day were wild cats in nests, my first non-scared and photogenic crow (who had to fight ducks and koi for food... how humiliating for a smart bird like that!), a bee that turned out to be a moth with a beak like a hummingbird, chrysanthemums, and a chatty old volunteer man who walked around with me and showed my pictures of the flowers from different seasons.
Yup, i'm still a magnet for old Japanese men who like to practice their English. And they're all still dying to visit Copenhagen and see the little mermaid!

Maybe i'll have time for a few posts tomorrow?
I friggin hope so, cause i've had some ridiculously good days, you know the kind when you're so happy you almost wanna punch someone? Like, aggressively happy!
And of course i have a bunch more pictures to share, and some of them are actually really good.

Ok, enjoy, i'll get off of the internet before Hata cuts the power and says "let's go eat".

These are two different films by the way, i don't know if you can tell.
I just mixed them together, cause, well, panic!


  1. A moth with a beak like a hummingbird. Did I read that correctly? Is anybody else terrified of this?

  2. It was actually very cute, and didn't mind me trying to get a million close-ups. I was a little disappointed it wasn't a bee, cause at first, when Shige didn't know what animal i was talking about, i was sure i'd discovered a new species!

  3. Moths kind of freak me out, I hate the way they fly. But they are beautiful.