Sunday, November 4, 2012


We installed a photoshop trial on Allan's macbook, but i'm still not super comfortable using his computer (or the new photoshop for that matter!), so i decided to iPhone-glue a few pictures together instead.
Doesn't quite work the same, does it?
Whatever, this blog needs Japan pictures, even crappy ones!

I'm feeling a little better today, and i actually slept a few hours last night, but i'm still not 100%.
But a cake date today with Ai and Lindsay, a couple of my favorite people, did me good, i think.
Spending time with clever, funny people really does make you feel better, right?

Part one from the insta-diptic files
(1. We're staying in our old and cheaper/smaller apartment this time, but that's fine, i've missed walking down this street every day 2. Downstairs neighbors have a nice little yard 3. Our view is greener here too 4. Smart ass bird likes to remind us that we live under power lines)

Part two from the insta-diptic files
(1. New updated Taiko! 2. Good to see that fall fashion is the same as always 3. Get your hot and cold beverages 4. Random tiny balcony)

Aaaand, part three
(1. The place to go for tattoos and wifi when in Tokyo 2. Our apartment, right there behind the tree 3. Went book shopping with my friend Crystal yesterday... this was a little out of my price range, though 4. Later i Skyped with mom and Lucifer... that's the face he makes when he hears our voices... i die!)

It's the little things that makes Tokyo better

Yeah, you bet i bought a Japanese vintage Trek poster!

Didn't get this one, although it's intriguing!

Old house

New house

I went shopping at Uniqlo yesterday before meeting up with Crystal, and got a bunch of HeatTech to get me through the winter.
Smart shopping, so far!
And i'm hearing (from Ai and Lindsay) that HeatTech is even warmer and more kickass than usual this season, so i might go and get even more for my first winter in Berlin.