Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Asakusa on a Friday afternoon

One of the best things about coming to the same place for years and years, is not only meeting a bunch of people, but being able to actually stay in touch and meet up with them once or twice a year.
I've been lucky enough to hang out with a bunch of my favorite people on this trip, even though i'm still a little upset about missing Izumi and Akari by only two days.
But hey, i'll catch them next time, i hope.

The other day i met up with Kate, who got tattooed by Allan back in April, to go have some lunch and chat and buy some souvenirs and early Christmas presents.
I love going to Asakusa, it's one of my go-to places if i don't know what to do in Tokyo, so i'm glad we agreed to meet there.

While i was waiting for Kate, i was approached by this little boy, who wanted to interview me for school. This sometimes happens at sightseeing spots, where teachers take the kids to practice English on tourists. Such a good idea, and i'm always more than happy to participate. I even got a little origami crane for my effort!
Kate was interviewed later too, and got a little present as well.
I love these little encounters!

We had okonomiyaki for lunch, and after shopping we went to Nakano for cake.
Good day.

I don't know what happened with that first picture there, but it sure is 70's looking, huh?

No, we didn't go to Tokyo Skytree, even though it's close by.
Silly towers... don't we have enough?

Damn, that cake at Excelsior Cafe was good... i should go back and eat there again one of these days.

I always forget about the break thing, but after using it in this post, i realized it might be a clever way to get my less than awesome iPhone shots incorporated into my posts, without ruining the aesthetic of my analog pictures?
Not sure, but here's the first try, let's see if i can live with it!

Kate and student

Temple ceiling

That damn skytree...


  1. Beautiful shots, all of them. I would like to see only the film shots in one post for aesthetics. But it's just me, of course...

    I've never been to Asakusa for some reason!

  2. I kind of have to agree. At first i though, no biggie, you can just stay on the front page, right? But i didn't think of how people probably use a reader, or click a link to the full post. Hmm, maybe i'll go back to double posting.

    Let's go to Asakusa next time we're in Tokyo at the same time!

  3. Woo! It was a great day, thanks you although I was seriously buzzing after my sugary dessert and one cup of (very strong) coffee. Looking forward to seeing you again next time you're over.

    And of course, the photos are awesome :-)