Sunday, October 28, 2012


I just came home from cleaning the shop after our Halloween event yesterday.
It was a mess, but at least it didn't take long.
I had somehow imagined these last few days of travels and guests and events to be more stressful, but they've actually been ok.
The stress will come later, i'm sure, when we're back from Japan and have only a few weeks to pack, but no reason to worry about that now.
Right now i'm just excited to not be packing my winter coat when it's time to pack... which i guess it is now.
Japan is nice and warm and it'll be wonderful to be back.

One of three very professional bridge photos from last weekend... i wish my scanner was better but you get the idea!*

I tried scanning my London photos and they came out just awful.
What a colossal waste of time.
I guess i'll have to take the negatives back to expensive photo guy when i get back.

*The idea obviously being that I'M THE CAPTAIN OF THE ENTERPRIZZLE, YEEEAAH!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mondays all around

I bought a bunch of sleep medication today cause i haven't slept right, sometimes not at all, in weeks.
It's not nerves or anxiety, or at least i don't think it is.
It's just a phase, and they pass, but it's one that's starting to drive me crazy, and crazy is something i don't need right now.

Today has been full of little "arh, shit, seriously?!" moments and seeing as i was here two hours early, i am pretty much toast.
Let's go home and watch some Supernatural, huh, husband?
Yeah, that sounds like a fine plan.

I was scanning my London Convention (the tattoo one, not the Trek one) photos this morning, when i was interrupted by yet another moving company coming to assess exactly just how much junk we have. It was the last company, thanks god, and i think i'm ready to choose.
So yeah, no London photos today, but i did come across this draft post with old pictures from the lakes and the flea market.
I actually need a table like that, but i don't know if i should buy it before or after we move?
I guess after would be the smart choice, but i just don't know what kind of antiques are cheap and common in Berlin, not like i do in Copenhagen!
Just one of the many challenges of moving, right?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Destination: Star Trek London

So, as you know, i went to my very first Star Trek convention this weekend, and it did not disappoint. Boy, did it not disappoint! It did however financially ruin us, so i'm probably gonna have to start charging you for reading this blog. Yeah, the meter is running and you owe me money already, so you might as well keep reading!

I'm gonna try to keep it brief as to not bore any non-Trek readers out of their minds, but seriously, there are a few things i need to mention. Ok, a lot of things!
I'll keep it about the convention, and not Star Trek in general, but it's gonna get geeky anyway... consider yourselves warned!

I don't think i've ever smiled that much in my life... everything was just so awesome and exciting!
From we arrived at the venue and talked to the first fans (a couple of ladies wearing q'apla! t-shirts gave us directions) till we left on Sunday, it was pretty much a sci-fi love fest.
Me and Sarah dressed up Friday and Saturday in the costumes i'd made for us, and we spent quite a long time on 60's hair and makeup too. But it totally paid off, cause a bunch of people (granted, mostly dudes) wanted their picture taken with us, which hey, so flattering and fun! We got to meet some really nice people that way, and it made us feel less awkward about approaching someone in say, an awesome Q costume for pictures, cause we were doing it too.

We went to the opening ceremony were the captains all talked, and Scott Bakula signed John Barrowman's butt, and we went to the Kate Mulgrew and Patrick Stewart talks as well, just to hear them speak to us with their fantastic voices. Seriously, they could have just read to us from the phone book, and we would have been happy!

I hadn't booked any photo shoots with any of the actors, cause i'm more about the autographs for some reason, but we did have our photos taken on the bridge of the original series Enterprise, and they turned out so good! I'm gonna scan them later so you can see them too... so fun!
The autographs were expensive as fuck, so i really had to limit myself, which was tough cause i am a fan of all the series and many of the actors in them, but we've already decided to try to hit up a US or German convention next year, so i'm telling myself it's a collection in progress!

My first one was William Shatner. I was pretty much rushed in as one of the last ones on Friday, and it was... pretty disappointing. He's just not into fans, and he doesn't personalize his autograph either, so it felt like a bit of a ripoff. I tried to make excuses for him, as he is an older gentleman, but seeing him all spry and snappy on stage later pretty much shattered that theory.
After that i worried how it would go with the others on Saturday, and while Kate Mulgrew personalized every autograph, it was very much another in-and-out money grab.
She seemed nice, though, and she was busy and had jet-lag, but i think we were all hoping for a little more, or any, eye contact.
Sarah had a photo shoot booked with her, and had hoped to get a chance to show her the Janeway tattoo she pretty much had made for this event, but she only got to give Kate a glimpse through her tights, and while we understood very well that it had to be quick and efficient, we all kind of agreed that you can make an exception for someone who has endured about 7 hours of intense pain for you. Even Chase Masterson agreed with us on that one!
Luckily we met a staff member on Sunday, right before leaving, who told us that Kate had indeed been very impressed, and that made us, Sarah in particular, feel a lot better!

My main autograph, and main hero of the Star Trek universe, is obviously Captain Picard, and after what happened (or rather didn't happen) with Shatner and Mulgrew, i suddenly feared that Patrick Stewart would be a let down. I'd had so many expectations, and i even had this idea to get him to sign my leg (by my Star Trek tattoo) so i could get it tattooed later (we even brought equipment!) but i quickly realized that it wasn't gonna happen. He was by far the most popular guest, and had no time for posed photos or personalizing autographs, so i started to worry if he wouldn't even notice me. So when we got to the table i just blurted out something super lame and loud like "OHMAGAWD, WE LOVE YOU AND YOU'RE THE BEST EVER!" and probably cause he was so surprised he looked up and went "oh, hehe, thank you" and my heart basically exploded! He then said something else, like see you next time or something like that, and i answered that we'd come by anytime he was there, and it sounded way flirtier than intended, but whatever, it got his attention, right?
Getting autographs and meeting your heroes can be pretty terrifying, but when it goes really well? Man, there's nothing like it, it's just exhilarating!
We were shaking and laughing for a good 15 minutes after, i think.
Isn't the human brain just the weirdest thing? Meeting a total stranger shouldn't logically be able to make a person that happy, but it sure can.

Our autograph session with Brent Spiner on Sunday went even better, and it was the perfect ending to a great weekend. He was sitting next to Michael Dorn, who'd seemed a little aloof when he signed for us on Saturday, but Brent? I don't think i'm exaggerating when i say he talked to us for a good 5-10 minutes, and he just couldn't have been nicer. We asked him to pose with us for a Data sandwich, to which he had to say no cause of their rules and the fact that there was a huge line behind us, but he was so sweet about it, it didn't even matter. Oh, and i got to show him my Star Trek tattoo, one of my most (well, only) meaningful tattoos, and it meant the world to me to get to show it to one of the people who inspired me to get it.

During the weekend, we often talked about how our many visible tattoos kind of gave us an unfair advantage over other fans, cause they're such good conversation starters, but who cares, right? It's an awesome advantage!
Who else did we meet... Daniel Stewart was so nice, and our conversation with him kind of transitioned into a twitter conversation later. What an awesome dude! And he came by when we were talking to Brent Spiner too, and you guys, seeing cast members be friends in real life is one of those things that can pretty much make me weep like a little girl! He's also in one of my favorite TNG episodes, which i completely forgot to tell him.
Micahel Dorn was very handsome, Rene Auberjonois and Chase Masterson were so sweet and took their time to chat and pose for photos with us, and Tricia O'Neil went one step further and got down on the floor to pose with my Enterprise tattoo, cause as she put it, she wa the captain of that ship after all! Technically she wasn't the captain of that particular Enterprise, but who cares, right?
Casey Biggs made a comment about my Lita's not being Starfleet regulation, and Sarah got something like four people to write "breast wishes" on her autograph poster, which we of course found hilarious!
At the Klingon Ball on Friday we ran into Martha Hackett who posed with us, and we almost got a photo with John de Lancie there too, but decided to leave him alone to party.
The same happened on Monday, when we were out sightseeing with our friend Stan, and we saw Kate Mulgrew walk right by us and into a nearby book store! It wasn't easy to turn off the stalker impulses telling us to run after her, but we did it.
What else... oh yeah, fun story, i think it was on Saturday? This photographer was taking pictures of us outside the convention, and he spotted Marc Alaimo having a smoking break and decided to ask him if he'd pose in the photos with us. We didn't go over there, cause they weren't our pictures, but we could hear the guy ask from a distance only to get the answer "come on, man, i'm on a break!". So, yeah, no photos, but we got a good laugh about how we basically just got shot down by Gul Dukat!

I had my Canon with me, but the film in it was all wrong, so i'm not sure my pictures will come out good.
I did take a picture of Sir Patrick Stewart while he was signing that i'm hoping will come out good, but since i wasn't allowed to take any pictures there at all (and i did get busted, believe me, analog cameras aren't discreet), i didn't have time to focus, so i somehow doubt it!
But it was on my list of goals for the weekend, so i'm happy i did it either way.

Shit, this got long.
Why didn't anyone stop me?!?!
I wonder if anyone but Sarah and Allan (and possibly a few of our other buddies who was there too) are still reading this?

Anyway, here's a bunch of iPhone pictures, mostly taken by Allan who was in charge of documenting and sneaking celeb photos when they weren't looking.
Good job, babe!

Friday's outfits


Buying photos for autographs

So dreamy!


 On Saturday we'd found better tights

Archer and Porthos, one of my favorite costumes of the weekend

 The picture that was supposed to have Gul Dukat in the middle



Another costume favorite: Arachnia

There were many Q's


A couple of Kai's

Fantastic Picard lookalike, and a shorter dress than ours... what a cool family!

The real deal!

His talk was nice too

Our transportation hub of the weekend

Sunday was casual day (but still matchy, of course!)

TNG history

Captain Garrett and my beloved ol' Enterprise tattoo!

What a fantastic lady

 More props... this episode was so sad!


The best autograph of the convention, we were SO stoked to have met him, and i hope it won't be the last time...

Blurry, but awesome, people in line for the costume parade

Monday breakfast with Stan in central London

 After breakfast, occult book shopping

We stayed the night at a hotel near Gatwick, cause we had an early flight, and we treated ourselves to some room service... and oh, TNG was on TV, very appropriate!

 A few extra from my instagram
 (1. One more from casual Sunday 2. Close-up 3. Priced possession 4. Tower bridge 5. Last photo 6. Allan signing the contract for our new house in Berlin... fuck yes!) 

Man, sorry if that got a little out of hand... just be glad i don't do this that often!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ready to trek out

I was hoping to share my photos from the last London trip before embarking on the next one, but since we leave in a few hours, that is not looking very likely.
They were good, though, it's just that they gave them to me on paper instead of a disc, so i have to scan the damn things myself, and well, haven't had the time.
So later, when they're super not relevant anymore and nobody gives a rat's ass!

So our reason for going to London again so soon is the Star Trek convention being held there this weekend.
My first in my what... 16 years of being a fan? Something like that, so i wish i could be more excited, but moving to Berlin pretty much trumps every other thing in my brain these days.
But i'm sure i'll get into the spirit once we're there, all dressed up, surrounded by our geek tribe!

I made dresses, mine is the red one and i plan to wear it with my Lita's... it's very short!

Sarah found a nice apartment not too far from the convention, so i am actually looking forward to being in London, but not staying at the Ibis!
And hey, it has wifi, so there won't be another 4 day twitter and instagram blackout this time (i'm @floraamalie on both, just so ya know).
Ok, gotta go, i've been force-hugging my dog all day, cause i won't see him for a whole friggin month, so i still have a few things to take care of before we leave!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A small journey with big consequences

Thursday night to Saturday morning.
It was a quick, little trip to Berlin, but one so important that i was having trouble sleeping and even eating (never a problem for me!) in the days leading up to it.
Our meeting was on Friday, and what we though was a meeting to sign a contract turned out to be something completely different, but it went well anyway.
Really well.
Well enough so that i can finally announce here, and on the other blog, that we are for sure moving to Berlin, hopefully in the beginning of December.
You can't imagine my relief, after so much not knowing. I didn't even know how unhappy and tense i was because of all of this, until it was suddenly over and i found myself able to breathe and be excited about things again.
Right now i'm even excited about London this weekend, and Tokyo right after, trips that were only causing me stress just a few days ago.
We're not gonna have a lot of time to pack, and we still need to sort out just how exactly we're gonna get all of our stuff from Copenhagen to Berlin, but i'm not even sweating it much.
I'm just fucking excited to have gotten the most amazing place against all odds.

Straight from work to the airport

Good to see this dude and his brother again

Only a few hours before the meeting, killing time on Urbanstrasse

After the meeting our lovely real estate lady took us and our translator Ewa to the house (which had somehow gotten bigger and better since last time)

Hello new home

Out for coffee in our pretty new neighborhood, after exploring and measuring at the house

Morning train to the airport

From the airport to the country side to pick up this dude

My brother and his wife had looked after Lucifer... Gilbert, and Carla the dog, helped, i'm sure

Sorry for the nephew spam, but i don't get to see this guy often enough

Such a little poser

This is what our home looks like now, but i don't mind, i've wanted it to look like this for a long, long time

Now, if you'll excuse me, i need to look up moving companies and maybe fix a particularly nasty headache with a cup of coffee and some water.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And then October happened

Man, i am so sorry it's been so long!
Mostly i'm sorry for me, cause i was really enjoying all that regular blogging i had going on, but whatever... life really does get in the way sometimes.

Last time i was here, i was sick and whining about having to go to London and work.
And i was totally entitled to all that whining, cause i actually ended up getting even more sick, and having to work even harder than last year!
It was fun though.
Like, 50% terrible and 50% awesome.
And that's pretty much the same as every year, whether i'm sick or not, so i guess it wasn't that much different than a regular year.

I had a bunch of London tales to tell you, but i think my snot brain must have deleted them, cause nothing springs to mind...
In short, we came, got settled in at the convention, and stayed at the same awful hotel that we've been staying at since the first London convention ever. We worked a bunch, i lost my voice on Friday night, and got a new, slightly more Tom Waits-y one back on Saturday. And i got really loopy from too much cold medicine on Sunday.
We ate good food a few nights, and really bad food one night after waiting around in the hotel restaurant for a good 40 minutes for someone to at least take our drink order.
Seriously, if you for some reason end up staying at the Ibis London City (but really, don't), do not eat at their restaurant. The staff there are both rude and incompetent to a degree i've never seen elsewhere, and after eating there for far too many years, i can say with certainty that they're only getting worse.
Oh, and if you do end up there (but seriously, why would you?) and they don't serve you, and you leave cause you're starving, don't go down the street and get a veggie burger, or any burger, at "Perfect Fried and Grill". Spoiler alert: not perfect at all!
Anyway. Not much partying this year, but we did go to the bar on Sunday night where i had chamomile tea like a boss while everyone else where getting beers.
Yeah, i party hard.

We got to see some of our awesome friends, and i met a few people i only knew on instagram before, and that was actually pretty cool.
 I also brought my camera, cause i'd planned to go photo crazy, but being sick and super busy at the booth, i didn't even shoot a full film.
But the pictures i did take are being developed now, and i should have them on Thursday.
It'll be interesting to see what's on that film, cause i honestly don't remember!

Here are a few iPhone shots, just so there's something, anything to look at here.
Wow, this is not a triumphant return to blogging.
Not at all.
I'll do better next time, i promise!

Allan did a lot of tattoos from his flash, and a bunch of hand tattoos

Me and Corey were both walking around with Trek-lit in our bags... (from Marina's instagram)

The view from the Ibis is just spectacular

Mysterious awesomeness from my talented husband

If you're wondering what's going on with our Berlin plans, i'll hopefully be able to put an actual date on that shit this week.
We are going down there on Friday and i am beyond excited.
I may or may not have made a decorating book, complete with drawings and clippings and wallpaper ideas and stuff like that.

Ok, gotta go walk the dog before it starts raining again.
Copenhagen weather is pure evil today.