Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday troubles

I just spent the last hour or so of my Sunday photographing vintage dresses for new eBay auctions, and i was so very excited to finally get back in the cleaning-house game, but when it came time to list them, i noticed that eBay had yet again changed their terms.
All of a sudden they were asking me to add a "reimbursement payment method", as in my credit card info, so if the buyer doesn't receive item and file a complaint, eBay can refund them by basically stealing money directly from my account without my permission.
That's pretty bad, isn't it?
I mean, if an item i've bought is lost or stolen along the way, i get bummed, really, but i don't expect the seller to pay for it. Never have.
But now, eBay apparently does.
And i was just about to agree to the terms, cause i need their site to sell my stuff, when this gem of a line caught my attention: "eBay may charge your credit card on a one-time, sporadic or recurring basis". Uhm, no, i don't think so?!

I realize that none of these things may ever happen, and so far everything i've sold has made it safe to the buyer, but still, they're basically saying they can raid my credit card anytime they want!
Their buyer protection program is i good idea, but come on, how about a little seller protection here and there?

If any other eBayers have anything to say about this, please let me know in the comments.

So, again, i am forced to take it to the blog, and i have added a couple of vintage dresses to the untitled thriftstore.
Please go take a look, let me know if you require further info on any of the items, and if you think you wanna own something, leave me a message or send me an email.
There are no prices, so just make me an offer!



  1. Whoa EBay, what the fuck is that about? Good on you for reading the fine print! I swear all these big companies are putting in loopholes like that and then suddenly will just drain everybody's bank accounts and credit cards one day and take over the world.

  2. Ebay are evil & I totally agree that the fees are ridiculous and overpriced because there isn't really another option. plus, like you said, it's all about protecting the buyer, which is a good thing for sure but as a seller you can't even leave bad feedback for a buyer who's messed you about or has not even bothered to pay. how unfair is that? I ashamed to admit that I haven't read the small print so I didn't even realise what it said and i'm not too happy about them being able to access my account when they feel like, that's pretty scary. That being said i'm having a huge clear out myself and whatever I can't list on Etsy i'm having to list onto Ebay because they have the monopoly over auction sites. If I had the option I'd avoid Ebay, for selling that is, like the plague!

  3. That's the real stupid part, we just say yes! Yes to stuff that we'd say "no way, crazy" to if a company asked us to sign it in real life.
    I'm not sure what to do now, really!

  4. You can't leave negative feedback for buyers anymore? What if they're... bad buyers? That's crazy. The thing is, we always have options and a choice, it's just that the other options aren't as efficient and that fucking sucks.I might have to go back there too, if i want to actually sell anything, cause the blog is pretty weak for that, but i'm gonna need a few more days to rage, at least!

  5. I lost faith in ebay a few years ago when they stopped allowing you to leave negative feedback for buyers. I felt that the buyers could say whatever they wanted and leave me whatever feedback they wanted to, but I couldn't do the same, and I've always had more trouble from buyers on ebay (not paying, complaining about sizes and such when it was clearly marked in the item info all along, not responding to messages etc) than I ever have from sellers. This new credit card thing sounds incredibly dodgy and I really wouldn't agree to it! Maybe you could hold your own flea market/vintage clothes sale some weekends, combine that with a vintage shop on etsy or something?

  6. I just don't understand how they can get away with not letting sellers leave negative feedback as well? How is that fair?
    I think i'm gonna try a flea market deal soon, but maybe i'll put something up on etsy too. I just hate setting prices for vintage, you know? The auction format is much easier, and you get rid of stuff a lot faster too, whereas on etsy people just seem to fave stuff and forget to buy it!

  7. Yeah, it's not fair at all, and it sucks that it's like that when otherwise it's such a efficient way to sell! You could have an awesome sale at the shop or something, people trying things on, music and snacks and drinks, like a party! You could let people haggle a bit to get good prices, or just make offers on things, if you're not sure what to charge. You could even hold some kind of vintage auction, so people could bid on things, just in person rather than online! Could actually be a lot of fun!