Thursday, September 13, 2012

On that same sunny day

Yaaay, more touristy stuff!

Ok, so my Canal Tour pictures didn't actually turn out super great.
I'd hoped to get a good shot of the little mermaid, but it turned out too dark, and obviously full of tourists, so no such luck.
But here are the ones that did make the cut.
As you can see, we were pretty lucky with the weather, and had a nice little one hour sail around the harbor. Very relaxing... so relaxing that Wendy even fell asleep at one point!

These are mostly from Nyhavn.
If you're ever in Copenhagen, you should check that area out.
There are always a crap ton of tourists there, but it's still worth a visit on a sunny day.

Canon AE-1, film unknown.
As usual.

Have you ever taken a Canal Tour?
The tour guides are unintentionally hilarious.
They give their little commentary in three different languages; Danish, English and German, but this guy sounded like he understood neither!
Funny stuff, i tell ya!

The blog is still home alone, by the way.
I wonder what i'm doing right now?
Hopefully having a good time in Berlin, and drinking lots of decaf!
Ahhh, i can't wait.


  1. We've done two canal tours already (one closed and one open) and both were very good. This time, I seem to have more of an understanding of where everything is so it kind of made a bit more sense. Only problem with it, is that you only see the Little Mermaid's backside. I think it will be a bit of a tradition for us to do a canal tour each time we go to Copenhagen.

  2. Yeah, the mermaid does make for a better photo from the land side, i agree. And ever there, there's usually too many people to get a good view.
    But otherwise i agree, it'd a nice little trip :)

  3. Your pictures are so amazing.