Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My heart

Fall came fast, and although it's a nice enough season, and can be really pretty, i'm a little bummed.
I guess that's only natural when you haven't had much of a summer.
And i am not ready for cold, not yet.

Thanks for all the well wishes here and on twitter.
We've pretty much only had positive reactions to the news of our upcoming move, so that's nice.
I wish it was happening right now.
I've been patient, i still am, but that doesn't mean i don't want the next chapter to start right NOW!

Here are some pictures from our wedding anniversary on September third.
These two idiots are my everything.
I'd move anywhere, as long as they're there.

This post has a few more anniversary pictures.
I tried desperately to get a picture of me in my new, pink dress, but i swear i looked severely overweight in all of them.
I'm definitely chubby, but not that chubby.
So here are my feet instead.
Stupid lying camera.

Ps. I think Lucifer's goofy, overheated face is probably my favorite thing about summer!


  1. ohmy gosh his face! my little pug makes a similar one, and even though i know it is just because she is hot, i still like to think she is really happy and smiling.

  2. Lucifer will sometimes smile with his mouth closed, but that's usually only right before he's about to get sick. Which i guess is a pretty good defense mechanism, cause that face will make you laugh so hard you can't even get mad about him puking on your stuff!

  3. Wow! So off to Berlin!? Sounds like an adventure. You will be missed in DK but i'll make sure to pester you if I am ever in Berlin. GOOD LUCK! :)

  4. Yes, hopefully a fun one! I'm sure it'd be cheaper for you to come to Berlin than it is to come to Copenhagen :)