It's Friday night and we're at home, chillin', alone, as usual.
Just a few weeks ago the living room would have been packed with awesome people of multiple nationalities, but today, it's just us.
Don't get me wrong, i love spending the night alone with my husband; watching sci-fi series, blogging, snacking, talking, whatever...
But it do miss our friends.
These guys and those not pictured.

I love this shot, and these guys... at least the dude on the far right hasn't left us yet

This shot was less lucky, but i still miss these dudes... except those random photobombers in the middle there... don't know them, can't say that i miss them!

Oh, and i was there too! I liked this shot too, so i made it my new header... hope you like it!

I this these pictures are from the day after the art show, when we went to the shop to clean up and drink milkshakes and bubble tea.
Summer, where did you go?

You know what else makes me miss having friends over?
I just redecorated the living room, new couch and everything, and i have no way to tell if people fit comfortably!

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