Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Getting sick two days before having to go to London was not a part of the plan, yet here i am.
It's day two on the couch, and although i was feeling a lot worse yesterday, i'm still pretty weak.
I can't wait to work crazy hours the entire weekend while not feeling 100%.

Poor dog, it's pretty damn boring around here these days... oh, and it's raining too

Guys, i wanna get back to writing more here.
I feel like i used to write all these long posts about thoughts and feelings and opinions and shit, and i don't know if anyone found them interesting, but i enjoyed writing them, and i haven't done that in a while.
I love writing so much, but i just don't do it much these days.
Maybe i don't have much to say?
Or, maybe i do, but it's the same things, and although i'm sure you all find my hopes and dreams super fascinating, i don't wanna keep repeating myself.

I did get tattooed last week, by the way, and i don't think i even mentioned it here!
Allan finished my lower arm that we started back in June, and it was so awful, but it looks so good.
It's almost healed, so i'll wait a few more days to post a picture.

Speaking of tattoos; i haven't exactly been keeping up with my "once a month" plan, cause i skipped July and August. Not because i didn't want to get tattooed, but because i realized that getting some mini handpoked tattoo on the last day of the month, just because, wasn't doing what it was supposed to.
The point of regular sessions was to desensitize myself, so getting big sessions wouldn't provoke too much anxiety, but you can't really compare a ten minute moon on the wrist  to a six  hour session on the knee!
So i gave up for a little while, but i'm hoping we'll have time to work on the elephant in October, so i can get back on track.
There, that was writing, right?
Ok, no, not so much, but i have snot brain, so i think it was a nice little try.


  1. I enjoy your writing ..hope you get better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    I enjoy your long writing, and I also enjoy the shorter photo posts. I feel the same about blogging lately. Every day I have this urge to write long, wordy posts. Then I get sucked into the tv and writing goes out the window. These are exciting times, I should be documenting them! :)

  3. Yay more writing!! I'm in the same mindset, I want to say more and put more effort in.

  4. I for one enjoy your writing. I'm the total opposite and prefer posting just pictures with a little text, I'm not sure how interesting that is for other people but I like it and that's what counts!
    I hope you feel better soon, fingers crossed London is not too stressful.