Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Getting sick two days before having to go to London was not a part of the plan, yet here i am.
It's day two on the couch, and although i was feeling a lot worse yesterday, i'm still pretty weak.
I can't wait to work crazy hours the entire weekend while not feeling 100%.

Poor dog, it's pretty damn boring around here these days... oh, and it's raining too

Guys, i wanna get back to writing more here.
I feel like i used to write all these long posts about thoughts and feelings and opinions and shit, and i don't know if anyone found them interesting, but i enjoyed writing them, and i haven't done that in a while.
I love writing so much, but i just don't do it much these days.
Maybe i don't have much to say?
Or, maybe i do, but it's the same things, and although i'm sure you all find my hopes and dreams super fascinating, i don't wanna keep repeating myself.

I did get tattooed last week, by the way, and i don't think i even mentioned it here!
Allan finished my lower arm that we started back in June, and it was so awful, but it looks so good.
It's almost healed, so i'll wait a few more days to post a picture.

Speaking of tattoos; i haven't exactly been keeping up with my "once a month" plan, cause i skipped July and August. Not because i didn't want to get tattooed, but because i realized that getting some mini handpoked tattoo on the last day of the month, just because, wasn't doing what it was supposed to.
The point of regular sessions was to desensitize myself, so getting big sessions wouldn't provoke too much anxiety, but you can't really compare a ten minute moon on the wrist  to a six  hour session on the knee!
So i gave up for a little while, but i'm hoping we'll have time to work on the elephant in October, so i can get back on track.
There, that was writing, right?
Ok, no, not so much, but i have snot brain, so i think it was a nice little try.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Windy city

Aaaaahhh, Copenhagen is the worst today!
It's gloomy and rainy and windy and i hate it.
So... how's everyone else doing?

We're busy getting our shit together for the London Convention this weekend.
Currently, Allan is painting flash and i am printing photos for his portfolio.
You know, stuff that we usually do the day before leaving.
As always, i am not excited about going.
It's just work, and even though it's nice to see friends, there's about a million things i'd rather be doing.
And spending a ton of money on plane tickets and the worst hotel known to man, when i just wanna be saving up for moving, is pretty frustrating too.
Hopefully we'll sell a lot of merch and at least break even.

Here are some summer pictures.
Summer wasn't great, as i may have mentioned once or twice, but it sure beats this bullshit.
Fall. Ugh.
These pictures are from Bisserup.
My mom is gonna kill me.

Man, i sound negative today!
I'm not, actually, it's just monday and we're still waiting for potential life-changing news.
Stuff like that can't happen fast enough, and it's not happening fast at all!
Fingers crossed.
All of them.

Friday, September 21, 2012


This Friday post is gonna be short, cause there are no news yet, and there is only one thing on my mind.

From July, hidden on a mostly non-Berlin film.

Tonight we're gonna get takeout and watch Supernatural.
How did i go so long without watching that show?
I am so into it, even though it scares the living shit out of me.
Seriously, there was a killer clown episode!
However, it doesn't give me nightmares, as some shows do.
Stargate Universe did. Weird, huh?

Hope y'all have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hunger? Imbiss!

Remember that Lomo film that didn't turn out quite like i had hoped?
Of course not, how could you when i only posted one picture from it?
Although that was a pretty good one!
Anyway, since we were talking about Berlin the other day, and trust me, we're gonna be talking about Berlin a lot, i thought i'd post a few more Berlin pictures from that forgotten and not-quite-satisfying film.

These are from July.
Man, the weather was great those days.
I miss walking around in a t-shirt at night... or, at all.

Sarah in her hof

Balcony's because, yeah, i friggin love them!

Handsome Lucifer

Herr Darwin in Kreuzberg?

 Sunglasses are mine, beer is not

Pre-dinner hangouts

I love the metro (something you'll never hear me say in Copenhagen!)

I find this very amusing

Ok, i actually really like this one

Black mirror

Kitchen counter cat


Flowers everywhere you look

Favorite breakfast spot

Lucifer likes it too

Cute backyard

In a heatwave, there's nothing like cool, wet sheets, right kitties?

These weren't so terrible after all, were they?
I guess i was just upset back then cause it wasn't the look i was going for.

I am doing pretty well with the waiting, i think.
But it's hard, the not knowing.
I have a lot of shit to pack, and it would be really nice to know when to start.
Not to mention travel plans up in the air cause we don't know if we'll be here or there.
But i'm not stressed. Mostly just excited and a little impatient!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My heart

Fall came fast, and although it's a nice enough season, and can be really pretty, i'm a little bummed.
I guess that's only natural when you haven't had much of a summer.
And i am not ready for cold, not yet.

Thanks for all the well wishes here and on twitter.
We've pretty much only had positive reactions to the news of our upcoming move, so that's nice.
I wish it was happening right now.
I've been patient, i still am, but that doesn't mean i don't want the next chapter to start right NOW!

Here are some pictures from our wedding anniversary on September third.
These two idiots are my everything.
I'd move anywhere, as long as they're there.

This post has a few more anniversary pictures.
I tried desperately to get a picture of me in my new, pink dress, but i swear i looked severely overweight in all of them.
I'm definitely chubby, but not that chubby.
So here are my feet instead.
Stupid lying camera.

Ps. I think Lucifer's goofy, overheated face is probably my favorite thing about summer!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shhh, it's a secret

So, words, huh?
I believe i promised you words.
Well, i just got my pictures from Berlin back, so there'll be pictures too, even though my current (but not future) photo-guy ruined a bunch of them. Yeah, bummer.

So i think i'm just gonna come right out and say it... say that thing, you know, the thing that's been bothering me? That stuff  i haven't been able to share here?
Here goes!
As i mentioned in this post, we went to Berlin last week, so Allan could tattoo our friend Sarah, and that's all true, and he did, but wasn't the only reason.
We also went there to look at apartments.
Yes, that pretty much means exactly what it sounds like. We're moving to Berlin!

The reasons i couldn't talk about this are numerous, and i'm not even sure i should be saying it now, but hey, that just happened!
One of the main reasons is of course our shop. Then there was breaking the news to our families and friends before it hit the internet, and of course we also wanted to be 100% sure. And we are now.
We started talking about this move way back in April, so we've been planning it for a while already, and it's been tough not venting about the ups and downs here, but i'm glad i can finally share this with my readers.
I'll be telling you way more about the what's and when's and how's later, but for now, this is what i'm comfortable sharing.

Here are some Berlin pictures... mostly of baggage and balcony's, for some reason!
Mostly taken around Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain with my Canon AE-1 and a Kodak Portra 160 film (whaaaat? I remembered!)



Aahhh, that was scary, actually!
Not because i'm worried about moving, cause i think i'm way past that point, but because it's been a secret for so long and i still feel like i'm not allowed to say anything!
But we have to eventually, right? We can't just move and yell "surprise!" afterwards.
Oh well... you heard it here first!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Slow emotion replay

Just a quick little "i'm-back-from-Berlin" post cause my brain is in no mood for words, and my computer is being an ass anyway.

Real postings coming soon... words too, i promise!

 (1. Flying, not train-ing 2. Sarah's place 3. I love meeting dogs 4. Stealing this... the idea, not the actual suitcase 5. Black Mirror 6. Squeakers 7. "Ghost, to me" 8. Janeway getting finished 9. Me and Josh the Bike in Schöneberg 10. Walking and talking in Kreuzberg)

Friday, September 14, 2012

I'll be coming home soon

This is the last of the autoposts, and probably the last of the photos from this film as well.
I'll be back in Copenhagen tonight, so maybe there'll be some German goodness on the blog tomorrow.
Who knows!?

I hope you've enjoyed the slightly impersonal, but still pretty, posts that my very clever blog has posted all on its own while i've been away!

These ones are from the ride between Nyhavn and Tivoli.
An old Copenhagen street, possibly one of the oldest, and Wendy and Matthew.
We miss those guys.

That last one is from the last brunch we had together before the Aussies had to go back home.
I assure you, Wendy is very pretty when she's not making silly faces!
Please see evidence of her prettiness elsewhere on the blog!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

On that same sunny day

Yaaay, more touristy stuff!

Ok, so my Canal Tour pictures didn't actually turn out super great.
I'd hoped to get a good shot of the little mermaid, but it turned out too dark, and obviously full of tourists, so no such luck.
But here are the ones that did make the cut.
As you can see, we were pretty lucky with the weather, and had a nice little one hour sail around the harbor. Very relaxing... so relaxing that Wendy even fell asleep at one point!

These are mostly from Nyhavn.
If you're ever in Copenhagen, you should check that area out.
There are always a crap ton of tourists there, but it's still worth a visit on a sunny day.

Canon AE-1, film unknown.
As usual.

Have you ever taken a Canal Tour?
The tour guides are unintentionally hilarious.
They give their little commentary in three different languages; Danish, English and German, but this guy sounded like he understood neither!
Funny stuff, i tell ya!

The blog is still home alone, by the way.
I wonder what i'm doing right now?
Hopefully having a good time in Berlin, and drinking lots of decaf!
Ahhh, i can't wait.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An evening in Tivoli

The blog is home alone today cause i'm on my way to Berlin, so it'll be mostly pictures.
That's ok with you, right?

Here we go!

One of the few touristy things i love in Copenhagen.
An old, romantic amusement park, smack in the center of the city?
What's not to love about that?

Two weeks ago we had a day off (more pictures from that here) with our Australian visitors and we decided to have a very touristy day indeed. First, a Canal Tour and then Tivoli.
Although i only went on two rides, it was pretty perfect.
Oh, and i had no idea there were angry peacocks walking around the garden... what a nice surprise!

All photos taken with my beloved Canon AE-1, of course.
What film i used is anyone's guess!


Hmmm, that was a slightly more photo-heavy post than i'd intended, but you can't really split these into two.
The Canal Tour pictures get a post of their own, though!

Ps. You can actually see Allan in the fourth picture, feet dangling and probably screaming!