Monday, August 13, 2012

Wanting more

We've had a pretty wonderful weekend.
The Copenhagen Burlesque party on Saturday was even more fun than last time, in spite of a rather dubious-looking new location.
But i'll get back to that when i have pictures. Not that i have many, cause unlike the previous times, we didn't have a getting-ready-party or a photoshoot. But it was fun!

I've recovered from yesterdays massive hangover, although it took most of today as well.
At least we had Sunday to just chill, watch Stargate, eat junk food, and hang out with friends.
I guess the hangover could have contributed to my mood today... not that i'm in a bad mood, i've just been way too focused on all the things i want, that lie just beyond (or in some cases, way beyond) my reach.
This is not unusual for me, some days it just feels worse than others, you know?
Maybe you don't, maybe you're perfectly content? I hope so.
But man... i'm being super vague, aren't i?
It's not envy, not focused envy anyway. It's more "want" and "need" and "everything would be better if...".
And it's not about objects. If anything, i'm a little obsessed with ridding myself of those!
In any case, i need to focus on the things that i do have, instead of the things that i don't.
Yeah, i need to try, anyway.

These pictures are from late July, probably right before our last trip to Berlin.
I like this film better than the Lomo one. I don't remember which one it is, though!

 My tomato plant is much taller now
 Lucifer is feeling better, by the way, but i'm still taking him in for a checkup tomorrow

 Outside the flea market


Danish essentials

Lake walking

I need to start working out more often.
I've been slacking so much the past few months, and it's not just that i can see that i'm not in shape, it's the feeling of being out of touch with my body. 
I gotta find a way to become one again... or at least be on friendly terms!


  1. It's like you have read my thoughts. You're not alone.

    It's crazy really coz in most parts of my life I have it better than I ever have, for example I have Paul

    I think it's more with being happy with myself... As you say it's not the material things at all.

  2.  I agree, it's almost always about being happy with yourself, isn't it?