Thursday, August 23, 2012

I can't even...

I obviously haven't had the time to be here. Obviously.
I've wanted to, so bad, but sometimes non-internet life gets in the way.
You all know this.
But it's all been for good and fun reasons, i assure you.

In short, i've been unusually social.
When you have a shop, you have to be social during work hours, but when your shop has guest artists, and those artists also happens to be your friends, it's a 24 hour thing. Well, not quite, but you know what i mean.
But really, it's been so much fun having so many people at the shop, putting on an art show, hanging out after work every day, being silly and eating junk food and drinking milkshakes. Just good times. And they're not even over yet, in fact, more friends arrived yesterday, so i'm seeing flea markets, Tivoli, take out and good hangs in my near future.

I have a burlesque party post planned, so hopefully i'll soon again have a quiet moment like this one, a bit of me-time before everyone comes over for yet another cozy movie night, and i'll be able to tell you all about it. No, still no Eyes Wide Shut stuff, Nick!

Copenhagen had a wonderful, much needed mini heatwave and i took full advantage

I even went swimming once, and even though i was alone and the water was a little chilly, it was beyond wonderful

Sightseeing on Monday with our buddy Matt from California

We took him antiquing too

Park break at Hacienda where they kept playing the same awful song over and over again.... we didn't stay long

Nyhavn, a Copenhagen must on a sunny day

From our party on Saturday night, read a little more about it over on my other blog

 And a brief insta-roundup
(1. Harbor bath, the not-trendy side, that is 2. Nyhavn 3. Quiet morning 4. My husband is so fucking hot, and also, horribly addicted to bubble tea 5. Lucifer did not enjoy Sunday brunch as much as he appears to 6. Street fair find 7. Fancy sneakers, fancy socks 8. Portrait overload!)


  1. go post! Flot mus... sød tøs...god kok? Love!

  2. Cutest shorts and prettiest legs :) x

  3. Swimming in the harbour looks so much fun. Damn, I wish Tokyo was closer to Copenhagen!

    p.s. your legs are an inspiration!

  4. There you are!! I thought you must have been super busy, glad everything's fun and awesome.

  5. Still here! Ish!

  6. Thanks, they were a gift from a friend :)

  7. I love that the harbor bath is so close to my house, cause i can never get around to visiting a beach, unless i'm on vacation!

  8. I love the tattoos you have on your legs! And your legs are gorgeous!
    Also, those shirts are freaking awesome.

  9. Lucifer has the best evil face ever :) Adorable ahaha