Sunday, July 8, 2012

A lovely waste

This is my last day of being an unwilling festival widow. Yay!
It's been a little rough, being sick and home alone... like, literally alone all the time, which is something i usually enjoy on occasion, but with everyone i know out having a great fucking time... well, i'm just a little bitter i guess.
Or have been, cause this is Sunday, the last day of Roskilde, and i am actually feeling pretty great. And not bitter at all.
My cold seems to be if not disappearing, then at least way less severe than yesterday, and today the sun is shining. And it's warm too. Walking the dog in rain and thick night fog for the last couple of days has been every bit as depressing as it sounds.
Today we took a long walk around Vesterbro and the lakes, and i sat on a bench and read for a while. It was nice. And i discovered that Baresso, the local version of Starbucks, has decaf. Not great coffee, or even good to be honest, but it's there and i bought one!

Tonight i'm gonna continue my Stargate SG-1 marathon and possibly paint some more.
And i'm gonna try not to think about the fact that my husband, along with thousands of other lucky bastards, will be seeing Björk play tonight. Who's been a  fan of Björk since 1993? That would be me.
Ok, so a tiny little bit of that bitterness is still left i guess, but i'll get over it.

Here are some "oh-my-god-i-gotta-finish-this-film-already-so-i-can-see-my-Berlin-pictures" pictures, from Copenhagen.

Two loud magpies, having a heated conversation... probably about me or my dog

Shop t-shirts

Bike basket

Lucifer and Woodstock in their favorite spot

My windowsill


  1. I've been basically stalking my mailman waiting for my t-shirt, lol. Can't wait to wear that son of a bitch. 

  2. The other ones i sent out the same day as yours have arrived, so i'm thinking any minute now!

  3.  EE!! Things always take longer to get here because we're on an island. I guess it has to take a boat or something?

  4. I love those shop t-shirts, I've been thinking of buying one for awhile now! Maybe I will do that now :)