Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's try this one more time

Ok, so where was i?
Oh yeah, still blogging, that's where!

I fooled around with the blog for a while yesterday, replaced some of the pictures from Japan that i'd forgotten to resize and then i tried again with mixed results.
I uploaded a bunch of iPhone pictures and published; no problem.
I uploaded one of my photoshopped "insta-best-of" pictures and it wouldn't post, even though the file was smaller than the other pictures.
So i've decided to just see how it goes, and if i wanna post a "best-of-instagram" picture, which i do and i will, i'll just have to upload it via trusty, old pain-in-the-ass photobucket.
So that's where i am now. Still blogging and not paying for it!

Yesterday i had an emotional second to last session at my therapist and it got me thinking about that anxiety post i promised some of you. I think i'm gonna start writing it soon.
I feel like i'm actually at a point where i have something to say about it, something maybe even worth saying.
And all that other stuff i wanted to rant about before hell broke loose, i should blog about that too. But that'll have to wait till some other day.

Yesterday, after my session, and after blog-ranting, i went to Nørrebro to meet Allan who was doing a photoshoot with his client Martin at the cemetery. It was nice being there, while the rest of the neighborhood partied right outside the gates at annual city festival Distortion.
We avoided the festival, for the most part, and instead went to Vesterbro for sushi at Bento.
At the restaurant i realized that it was the last day of the month, and that i had, again, forgotten to get my monthly tattoo. Such a bummer, since there was no way we were going back to party central after our narrow escape. But once we got home, i realized we had a whole kit here, so at 11.30 pm on the last day of the month, i got yet another tiny tattoo. I am so defeating the point of the monthly tattoo by doing it this way, but i will get a proper one in June, i swear.

Today the festival has reached our neighborhood, and i fully expect our street to smell as bad tomorrow as Schleppegrellsgade smelled today. Piss. It's gonna smell like piss.

Sorry for the shitty quality, i was making this file as small as possible for blog purposes and forgot to save the original (and i am just not making another one!)
(1. Puppy, just because 2. Japanese food at home 3. A painting 4. Living in these overalls and loving it 5. A cortado plus at the café while the weather was still good 6. I wore heels a lot that week 7. The ice cream place is open again 8. Trekking with the original crew of the Enterprise 9. More coffee (i'm still only having one or two on weekends, though) 10. One of my favorite sundresses 11. Me and Mille had coffee on the bridge one day 12. Old eBay dress and floppy hat (i like this picture, probably because my face is not in it) 13. Another painting 14. Lucifer the sun dog in the tiny garden at work 15. This wasn't even on instagram, i just couldn't help myself cause he's so dreamy... 16. Crafting and bleeding 17. Outdoor brunch on a cold day 18. I made a wampa plush toy for my nephews not-a-baptism party on Sunday... let's hope he doesn't read my blog before then!) 

My throat is still being weird. Coughing less for sure, but i still don't feel completely well. If i was in Japan, i'd ask for medicine. Funny how i'm two very different people sometimes!


  1. I'll look forward to reading the Anxiety post. I know I've said it before but I have suffered with anxiety from a young age and doctors seem to just wanna put you on drugs. After reading your post at New Year, it really made me think about my own anxiety and instead of just seeing it as a crappy part of me, I decided to finally take steps in fighting it. So, I seen a different doctor (who's lovely) and she has referred me for therapy and I'm on a waiting list for CBT (a positive form of therapy).

    Anxiety is evil and i hate to think other people suffer but your blog post really touched me (that sounds slightly weird)

    So thank you : ) xoxo

  2. I'll be interested to read your anxiety post - I know how overwhelming it can get to deal with it even with therapy.  I don't see a lot of other bloggers talk about it so it's nice to see some real shit :)

  3. I really really dig your wampa. It's totally adorable.

    Hey, would it be even an option for you to maybe upload your photos onto Flickr and blog the photos from there?  Of course that'll cost money to get a "pro" account there, too...

  4. I (once again) second Claire's comment.  Anxiety isn't something that people take seriously enough.  A lot of people think it must be a hysterical woman thing, "sit down and shut up" being the go-to attitude for many.  My mother suffered from anxiety when I was little and all the doctors she went to tried to put her on some kind of drugs which, thankfully, she always refused.  She always used to tell me that these things (anxiety, stress, worry) exist to be beaten and that battling and defeating your demons by your own inner strength made you a better person which in turn would make the lives of those special to you better.  

    Anyway, I'm glad that you're still blogging here and I look forward to reading lots more of your (lovely) ramblings!

    Kate x

  5. Why was it your second-to-last appointment with your therapist? Are you just feeling better and ending therapy? I hope that's the case, but I look forward to your anxiety post! I'm right there with ya.

  6. I hope to have time to write the post soon.

  7.  I know what you mean, real shit is necessary some times.

  8.  Thanks, my brother and his wife seemed pretty unimpressed, so i hope Gilbert will at least grow up to like it!

    Blogger is behaving now, so i'll hold off on the backup options.

  9.  Yeah, when i first blogged about it i got some pretty ignorant comments, although most were well meant. Your mom sounds pretty great, although my approach has been a little different, but i'll try to get into that soon!

  10. It's because of the Danish health care system. It's pretty complicated, but to get them to cover part of the therapy bill, you need a referral from your own doctor and normally they don't give those unless you're suicidal to the point of having already made attempts. Which of course i haven't and wouldn't, but my doctor was awesome and gave me not one but two, even though i hadn't even asked for it. But they only help you out for 12 sessions and mine are up. Of course i can continue if i pay the full price myself, but it's very expensive and besides, my therapist is leaving town to travel, so i'll just have to hope i'm ready to do without him!