Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hoco on a Sunday

Man, i wish stores were open here on Sundays, so i could drop off my films at the one-hour place.
But no... this is Copenhagen and while supermarkets in our area are now open daily till 10 pm, most of the city is still dead on Sundays.
So no Berlin pictures until tomorrow, i'm afraid.
I'm sure you'll all the ok, but i'm starting to feel a little less patient!

I've been a metal widow all weekend due to this event, so i'm happy to have my husband home this Sunday.
Earlier we had some brunch with a couple of Jylland friends, and now we're Trekking on the couch, with our laptops. Not very romantic, i know, but i do love multitasking. And i love Sundays.

Here are some more oldies from the iPhone.
These are from Hoco, you know, the fantastic cake place in Ebisu.
I love their decor, so i had to sneak a few pictures, even though you're only supposed to take pictures of your food (and even that is probably frowned upon).

 The table next to ours

Bathroom area

My cake plate... i guess i was wearing a skirt that day... silly, considering it rained

It's my birthday in three days, and as usual, i don't really want to do anything but ignore it.
I feel like that most years, to be honest.
Last years birthday was great, but my grandfather was in the hospital and the next day he died, so yeah... it wasn't an entirely happy one.
This year i just want to hang with my two best guys and i want a rabbit. Cause Allan won't let me have another puppy. Cold hearted bastard.


  1. Cake plate looks Yum!.... and those are some big eared Rabbits! Haha

  2. Epic ear move :)

  3. wow, this makes me want some cake so much!!! I'm glad you sneaked those photos, the pace looks awesome! xxx

  4. I'm sure you will have a great birthday.... Just having Allan and Lucifer there will make everything great!

    I'm sorry to hear its coming up to the anniversary of losing your grandfather..... I understand what a hard time this can be and really feel for you. I'm sure you have some amazing memories and these are the things we need to remember and cherish. As I've said... I'm here if you need to off load

  5. Hey, tv and computer time is TOTALLY romantic!

    And tell Allan you should be allowed a bunny AND another puppy cos you're awesome :)

  6.  If i'm getting a rabbit, it's gonna have the biggest ears in town!

  7.  Allan and Lucifer is all i need for a happy birthday!

  8.  Thank you, finally someone who gets it!!

  9.  ... and i think i should have both too!

  10. Happy almost birthday!!!!
    Hope it's absolutely lovely!
    Someday I get to have pet bunnies! Maybe next year...
    Miss and love you!