Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family times

Yesterday i went to the gym, and then i got tattooed.
I think it's probably the last time i try out that particular combo!
The tattoo is gonna be great, though, and i hope we'll have time to finish it soon.

This weekend we're going to the country for my dad's 70th birthday party.
Yeah, i know, that number... i could write a whole post about just how weird that is.
We're bringing our friends from Hamburg who are coming to Denmark tonight, and Masumi, who we'll be babysitting.
We'll be in charge of the barbeque.*
Gilbert is gonna be there too, of course, and i'm excited to see how much bigger he's gotten since these pictures were taken.

From his not-getting-baptized-cause-that's-not-how-we-roll-party!

Getting kissed by his grandma

Nephew and mom

Kissing her back, or you know, trying to eat her face!

Baby drool

These two were there too... my first nephews (that aren't technically nephews, but who cares)

Yonas, Lucifer and William

This day was super nice.
It was warm and sunny, something no one had expected, and my brother and his wife had ordered delicious food for everyone.

It was also a weird day, cause being there with everyone made me realize that we, me and my brother and our cousins, are basically our parents now. We're the grown-ups! All of my grandparents are dead, and my parents are someones grandparents now and whoa, is that ever freaky.
Shit like this creeps up on you, i tell ya, and i don't think i'll ever feel old enough to fit that role. Maybe no one does?
I just never look at myself and see an adult, and i certainly never look at my parents and see "old people".
You know?

*For a vegetarian, i cook a pretty mean steak, so the guests are in good hands.


  1. Ailuropoda MelanoleucaJune 27, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    So cute nephew and mom pictures. I especially like number two, he kinda reminds me of a tiny mafia boss, with his cheek like that ^^

  2.  Haha, we should get him a tiny little gangsta suit!

  3. My dad turned 60 this year and it kinda freaked me out.  Living so far away I get to see him like once a year (ok we do Skype sometimes) so I am always surprised by how much older he looks, which itself means that I've got older too.  I definitely don't feel like an adult which is fine by me!

  4. 60 is a weird one too! I guess i see my parents so often i at least don't notice the aging much.

  5. Awwww! cute.

    Growing up is strange, I still feel like a goofy 19 yr old....but I'm going to be a Dad in November! Freaks me out. hahaha

    Have fun!

  6. Damn, congratulations!!
    It's super weird, makes me wonder if my parents felt like goofy teenagers too when i was a kid and they seemed like they had absolutely everything under control? Maybe they were just as confused about everything as i am today?

  7. Da jeg læste, havde vi bl.a om sorg. Der var flere 'sorg stadier' i livet. Blandt andet når man mistede sine forældre og pludselig var den næste der 'stod for skud'. Jeg kan slet ikke vikle min hjerne rundt om det. Scary shit!