Friday, June 22, 2012

Cph flashback

I've spent most of my day getting the shop ready for our walk-in event tomorrow.
I have no idea if any people will show, if any (and my social phobia always secretly hopes that no one will), but if some do, i think we'll be ready.
I've been making bottles into old looking candlesticks and i've been cleaning the shop, a bunch.
And i've managed to more or less recreate this, with fresh herbs too.
I hope people and their pets can resist the urge to piss on it.
The bro's upstairs are partying already, so i worry.

It's been raining most of the day. Heavy rain, especially as we were riding our bikes to work.
We were completely soaked when we got here, so i've been wearing a pair of Allan's old baggy painter pants and a cardigan all day. It took my clothes 5 hours to dry.
So yeah, on days like this one, you need a reminder that it's not always like this, there are good days.
Dry days, where no one drives their cars through a puddle and splashes you and never look back (true story, see: 5 hours to dry).

I hope tomorrow will be one of those, drier, better days.


Lunch at Bento

No clue where or when this was taken, to be honest


Those damn lakes again



More cemetery

And well, yeah, this one too, obviously


  1. "The bros"... haahaaaa

  2.  I still haven't decided if they're better or worse than The Hipsters!