Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Berliner adventures (this time in analog)

Holy shit do i have a lot of Berlin pictures!
And some Japan pictures, and some Copenhagen ones too. And pictures of my home and family as well, so all in all, two pretty good rolls, i'd say.

I'm gonna have to split this into a few posts, just so you don't OD on Berlin awesomeness, and also, so i have something to post for the next couple of days.

I already told you the why's and the how's of our trip in this post, so i'll get straight to the pictures. Enjoy!

Only picture in Hamburg... i should have taken one of our friends instead, but we had very little time there, and during most of it my hands where full of luggage, Lucifer and crappy station pizza slices

Friday morning in Sarah's apartment (which i think i will just refer to as "home" in this and any future Berlin posts)

Berlin streets are unbelievable

And so are their parks, cause yeah, there are goats and shit (literal shit too, i suppose)

Come closer, my pretty new friend

Tempelhof is just... wow... there's no other place like it

One thing about Berlin that i really enjoyed comes to mind: the dorkiness of the people living there.
They're unbelievably friendly and polite too, and that was amazing, but what really struck me was how... unpretentious people seem. And how just plain uncool a lot of them are, in the best way possible.
Sure there are hipsters everywhere, and there where beautiful people too (just not in the same quantities as we're used to in Copenhagen, cause seriously, people are friggin gorgeous here!) but mostly, there were just a ton of dorks.
At Tempelhof, for example, we saw a young couple on really shitty roller skates, skating along with their baby stroller and dog (at least i think there was a dog?), just having the best time ever, not giving a shit about how absolutely ridiculous they looked. 
I can't remember the last time i've seen anybody have that kind of  fun while actually not giving a fuck what other people think, instead of just pretending to not care?
And that was just one incident, there were many more like it.

Anyway, i have some SG-1 that needs watching right about now, but i'll be back with part three soon. 
Maybe not tomorrow, but soon!


  1. HAHAHA I know what you mean by dorkiness, I hate where I live because everyone has to have like, a "scene" and fit the cool mold. But where I grew up it was just really be yourself and worry about being a good person, not just "cool". 

  2.  It was so refreshing! I wish Copenhagen was more like that.