Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family times

Yesterday i went to the gym, and then i got tattooed.
I think it's probably the last time i try out that particular combo!
The tattoo is gonna be great, though, and i hope we'll have time to finish it soon.

This weekend we're going to the country for my dad's 70th birthday party.
Yeah, i know, that number... i could write a whole post about just how weird that is.
We're bringing our friends from Hamburg who are coming to Denmark tonight, and Masumi, who we'll be babysitting.
We'll be in charge of the barbeque.*
Gilbert is gonna be there too, of course, and i'm excited to see how much bigger he's gotten since these pictures were taken.

From his not-getting-baptized-cause-that's-not-how-we-roll-party!

Getting kissed by his grandma

Nephew and mom

Kissing her back, or you know, trying to eat her face!

Baby drool

These two were there too... my first nephews (that aren't technically nephews, but who cares)

Yonas, Lucifer and William

This day was super nice.
It was warm and sunny, something no one had expected, and my brother and his wife had ordered delicious food for everyone.

It was also a weird day, cause being there with everyone made me realize that we, me and my brother and our cousins, are basically our parents now. We're the grown-ups! All of my grandparents are dead, and my parents are someones grandparents now and whoa, is that ever freaky.
Shit like this creeps up on you, i tell ya, and i don't think i'll ever feel old enough to fit that role. Maybe no one does?
I just never look at myself and see an adult, and i certainly never look at my parents and see "old people".
You know?

*For a vegetarian, i cook a pretty mean steak, so the guests are in good hands.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Around the Mitte

I'm a little beat today.
For almost a week now, i've been waking up around 7, unable to sleep for several hours. So weird. And we had our witch event at the shop last night. I don't need to tell you that it ended pretty late, do i?

We've had an insanely mellow Sunday.
Both due to the fact that we were tired, but also because it's been raining constantly the whole day.
Still is.
I hate, hate, hate rain. Even when i don't have to leave the house.

Tomorrow, or technically today i suppose, is my sweet husbands birthday, so i'm hoping for better weather, even if our plans for the day basically consist of nothing but eating cake.
If you wanna wish my handsome man a happy birthday, his blog is right over here. And here!

Here are some pictures from Berlin.
The weather was great that weekend.
Much better than the forecast (which i checked every 5 minutes during the week leading up to our visit) had led us to believe.
I liked Berlin, but i think i could love it.


Nice book market... too hot to look at books though

More pretty buildings

Sunday flea market time

If only...

I really, really liked these

Last night at the shop, this couple knocked on the door to tell me how great they thought the shop looked, and how inviting it always seemed. And then the lady complimented my new plant box, the one i got from my parents, and planted and put outside the other day!
It was so nice, cause their reaction was exactly what i'm always going for whenever i'm prettying up the shop, but few people ever bother to give me any feedback in real life.
I was really happy that these two did. 
I told her she could just come by and pick up fresh herbs anytime, but she said "no, no, that's fine" like i hadn't meant it. I guess people either have their own supply, or they think i'm kidding when i offer to share!

Oh, and the drunken party of five who'd been partying at the brewery down the street, and saw our "open" sign really late liked the shop too.
I normally can't wait to kick out drunk people, but it was an open house, after all, and they were pretty nice!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cph flashback

I've spent most of my day getting the shop ready for our walk-in event tomorrow.
I have no idea if any people will show, if any (and my social phobia always secretly hopes that no one will), but if some do, i think we'll be ready.
I've been making bottles into old looking candlesticks and i've been cleaning the shop, a bunch.
And i've managed to more or less recreate this, with fresh herbs too.
I hope people and their pets can resist the urge to piss on it.
The bro's upstairs are partying already, so i worry.

It's been raining most of the day. Heavy rain, especially as we were riding our bikes to work.
We were completely soaked when we got here, so i've been wearing a pair of Allan's old baggy painter pants and a cardigan all day. It took my clothes 5 hours to dry.
So yeah, on days like this one, you need a reminder that it's not always like this, there are good days.
Dry days, where no one drives their cars through a puddle and splashes you and never look back (true story, see: 5 hours to dry).

I hope tomorrow will be one of those, drier, better days.


Lunch at Bento

No clue where or when this was taken, to be honest


Those damn lakes again



More cemetery

And well, yeah, this one too, obviously

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lovely, lovely Kreuzberg

Yesterday was my birthday, so of course i woke up at 7.30 feeling like i was dying.
I was sick on Monday too, so i'm starting to wonder if it's an every-other-day thing with me?
I'll never understand my body.
Allan made a great birthday breakfast that i struggled to keep down, but for some reason, probably the company, i ended up having a great day anyway.
During breakfast, i got some great presents (insta-pics of those coming up in another post) and after we'd eaten, we camped out on the couch and watched Enterprise in the sunny living room.
Around 1.30 we took Jean-Luc to Nørrebro to pick up a birthday present i'd gotten for myself, and after some coffee and hanging out at the café, we went straight back to couching it until my parents came over for dinner.
A super relaxing birthday with lots of nausea, made special and fun by my incredible husband and ridiculously cute dog.

Today i'm feeling better, but still a little nauseous and shaky.
And of course i woke up super early again too.
Yeah, being sick is no fun... anyway, Berlin picture time!

It's no secret that we spent the better part of our trip in Sarah's hood.
And what a lovely hood that was!
Big trees, cute shops, canals, nice people, lots of dogs, and i swear, all the café's had decaf. All of them! I drank a lot of coffee that weekend...

These are some of my favorite pictures from our trip.

Damn right, nein danke

Cute Berliner bike

This one is for Sandra... do we even have an untagged Huskmitnavn this big in Copenhagen?

East and west

Decaf at home... best in town!

Allan made this for Sarah

Cute bookstore

And their quite impressive display

Bestest hostess looking super cute as always!

I don't think so...


Nein danke to that one too? You bet!

Berlin buildings are just plain awesome (and so was the Berlin sun)

I think Chris and Sophie were giving us a sightseeing tour here, before we were off to Mitte

Squeakers, the male model

Germans watching a football game

Trees, flowers, everywhere

 Last one, for now, but we'll be back

Damn. Copenhagen seems just a little less magical right now...

Ps. Allan blogged about our trip too over on his photo blog, so please check that out too!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Berliner adventures (this time in analog)

Holy shit do i have a lot of Berlin pictures!
And some Japan pictures, and some Copenhagen ones too. And pictures of my home and family as well, so all in all, two pretty good rolls, i'd say.

I'm gonna have to split this into a few posts, just so you don't OD on Berlin awesomeness, and also, so i have something to post for the next couple of days.

I already told you the why's and the how's of our trip in this post, so i'll get straight to the pictures. Enjoy!

Only picture in Hamburg... i should have taken one of our friends instead, but we had very little time there, and during most of it my hands where full of luggage, Lucifer and crappy station pizza slices

Friday morning in Sarah's apartment (which i think i will just refer to as "home" in this and any future Berlin posts)

Berlin streets are unbelievable

And so are their parks, cause yeah, there are goats and shit (literal shit too, i suppose)

Come closer, my pretty new friend

Tempelhof is just... wow... there's no other place like it

One thing about Berlin that i really enjoyed comes to mind: the dorkiness of the people living there.
They're unbelievably friendly and polite too, and that was amazing, but what really struck me was how... unpretentious people seem. And how just plain uncool a lot of them are, in the best way possible.
Sure there are hipsters everywhere, and there where beautiful people too (just not in the same quantities as we're used to in Copenhagen, cause seriously, people are friggin gorgeous here!) but mostly, there were just a ton of dorks.
At Tempelhof, for example, we saw a young couple on really shitty roller skates, skating along with their baby stroller and dog (at least i think there was a dog?), just having the best time ever, not giving a shit about how absolutely ridiculous they looked. 
I can't remember the last time i've seen anybody have that kind of  fun while actually not giving a fuck what other people think, instead of just pretending to not care?
And that was just one incident, there were many more like it.

Anyway, i have some SG-1 that needs watching right about now, but i'll be back with part three soon. 
Maybe not tomorrow, but soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hoco on a Sunday

Man, i wish stores were open here on Sundays, so i could drop off my films at the one-hour place.
But no... this is Copenhagen and while supermarkets in our area are now open daily till 10 pm, most of the city is still dead on Sundays.
So no Berlin pictures until tomorrow, i'm afraid.
I'm sure you'll all the ok, but i'm starting to feel a little less patient!

I've been a metal widow all weekend due to this event, so i'm happy to have my husband home this Sunday.
Earlier we had some brunch with a couple of Jylland friends, and now we're Trekking on the couch, with our laptops. Not very romantic, i know, but i do love multitasking. And i love Sundays.

Here are some more oldies from the iPhone.
These are from Hoco, you know, the fantastic cake place in Ebisu.
I love their decor, so i had to sneak a few pictures, even though you're only supposed to take pictures of your food (and even that is probably frowned upon).

 The table next to ours

Bathroom area

My cake plate... i guess i was wearing a skirt that day... silly, considering it rained

It's my birthday in three days, and as usual, i don't really want to do anything but ignore it.
I feel like that most years, to be honest.
Last years birthday was great, but my grandfather was in the hospital and the next day he died, so yeah... it wasn't an entirely happy one.
This year i just want to hang with my two best guys and i want a rabbit. Cause Allan won't let me have another puppy. Cold hearted bastard.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Me and him

It's been a few days since we got back and i still haven't been able to finish the film in my camera.
And it's not for lack of trying, there's just nothing much to take pictures of here at the moment (or ever).
If i haven't killed it before Monday, i'm just taking random pictures of ducks until it's done, so i can get my damn Berlin pictures already!

So yeah, nothing much to show today, and nothing much to report, except work, work, work, which is great, actually.

Here's a picture of me and my boy from last week... best puppy ever

Today was my last session with my therapist.... probably. I do have the option of texting him if i need an emergency Skype session, so for now, i'm still saying "my therapist" cause it sounds cool and i feel less alone that way.
It went good, by the way, but it pretty much always does. I have a lot of stuff on my mind lately that i can't really share with blog friends, not yet anyway, so i really needed to vent.

This weekend Allan is going to about a trillion concerts, so i'm hoping for some quality time with Ancient Aliens and my paint brushes.
Also, i really need to clear out the basement and start selling stuff again.
I'm thinking eBay for clothes, maybe?
I don't really have the patience for it, but last time i tried a flea market, it was kind of a downer. People in this town just have too good taste for my old junk, even at markets it's all about the brands!
I seriously wish i could just invite everyone over for coffee and cheap crap instead!

Ps. Wanna buy a cool t-shirt? Sure you do! Well, my shop (my actual shop) have new ones, designed by my terribly talented and handsome husband. Go buy one. Shameful plug over.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Berliner adventures part one

Oh hey guys!
I got back from Berlin late last night and was in no mood to blog.
Oh yeah, i guess i didn't really tell you i was going to Berlin, did i? 
Well, it was just a quick weekend trip to do some sightseeing and hang with our friend Sarah, but it was an enjoyable weekend for sure!

We took the train down Thursday afternoon and arrived in Berlin around 11 at night. We had a brief stopover in Hamburg where we got to see our friends Sascha and Anki for a quick slice of pizza and some hugs at the station. Total bonus and another reason for taking the train.*

In Berlin we stayed at Sarah's super cozy apartment, complete with Berlin's best coffee and two adorable cats. In case you're wondering; yes, Lucifer was terrified of them and they slapped him around quite a bit! No claws, though, they are gentlemen after all, not thugs.
We spent our weekend sightseeing, walking around Kreuzberg, eating good food, catching up with Sarah, watching Star Trek Enterprise on the couch, going to flea markets and yeah, just having a wonderful time in weather that was a lot more summer-like than what Denmark has to offer these days.
And Lucifer was with us everywhere. Being able to bring your dog inside café's, super markets, you name it, has got to be my favorite thing about Berlin.

I will tell you more when i have my analog pictures back (another great thing; taking pictures again!), cause right now i am as Monday-tired as you can only be on a Monday and i need to Trek the hell out on the couch.
Please to enjoy my crappy iPhone pictures in the meantime.

Lucifer on the train, eating a bone and generally being a pretty good boy


Dog hiding in window from kitten...

 Breakfast spot

Oh the drama!

Mmmm, frozen yogurt with amazing toppings

Favorite thing about Berlin part two: undeveloped land turned into parks... by people, not politicians

Having a quiet moment by the river

Favorite thing about Berlin part three: trees, trees and flowers EVERYWHERE!

Giant football screen tried to photobomb me, but i got my shot

From the instamagrams!
(1. First night, Lucifer on high alert 2. First morning, i had to wear my kangaroo while cooking breakfast cause the kitties were on the prowl 3. Walk in a park, meet a goat 4. Pretty bike basket 5. Decaf in the morning... i miss Sarah's coffee machine already! 6. Walking in Mitte 7. Rainbow! 8. Batman 9. Squeakers 10. Flea market 11. I bought a non-vintage jacket, a bag named Picard and an old East German postcard 12. The train ride home was pretty fucking awful, but the ferry wasn't too bad)

Man, i left the blog for longer than i thought, and rather abruptly too.
Sorry about that!
I haven't forgotten about the anxiety post, writing it in my head every day, as a matter of fact.
I'll get back to regular posting soon, i suppose i just needed to take a little break.
You understand, cause you're awesome and all that.

*Sometimes you're just not in the mood for all the security hassle of an airport, and trains are easier with a dog anyway.