Thursday, May 31, 2012

What... the hell...

So here i was, about to start writing a blog post, complete with instagram round-up (cause that's all i have now that i don't use the Canon every day), and then this happens... i'm out of storage?
I can't upload any more pictures. Blogger wants me to buy more space.
I resize my pictures, so this has never happened to me before in all my years of blogging, and in typical google style, it's hard to find the exact information you need, and there's no one to ask.
Also, i'm too lazy to really start searching on their help sites and forums.
But yeah, i don't know, does it reset every month, or do they seriously expect me to start paying for blogging?
Cause, however much i love it, that's where i draw the line.
Have i really been posting that many pictures?

So no recent pictures, no Denmark pictures, and because of that, no tales of my recent doings, cause i can't without the visual companions.
Luckily i'd already uploaded a bunch of Japan pictures from my phone, but it kinda sucks posting them, when i was finally getting around to writing about current stuff!
And i had stuff to share, you know? Or i had things to rant about, is probably a better way of putting it.

So yeah, if any blogger users know what the deal is with photo storage, please share in the comments.

Here are some pictures from, you guessed it, our trip around Japan!
There's a jump, in case you just wanna skip my phone pictures, and if not, just click the "read more" link!

Uhm, no baby, you can't have my iPhone

Sad shiba

Denmark square, complete with vikings, a weird looking bell tower and H.C. Andersen!


Can eating dragon!

Sailing to Miyajima


Beware of electric antlers

At the shrine, we got stopped by a bunch of tourists wanting to get their pictures taken with us... sometimes, we're the attraction!


Seriously... i'll never fully understand that i did this!

Worth it? Worth it!

Canon and my then new shoes that i still love so, so much

Down the mountain, there were many stops for picture taking, both digital and analog

Disappointing tori disappoints again

And again!

Hiroshima, Allan and random fans!

At the museum, time standing still

Man, i hope this isn't the end of my blog!
How much would it suck to have to stop because of storage issues?


  1. Does this help?

  2. Well, yes and no... it does say that there's a total you can reach, but it doesn't mention what happens when you reach it. Like, if you're supposed to go back and delete photos to make room for new ones, or if buying more space is the only solution?

  3.  I guess it's Picasa that usually causes problems, from what I've heard. I'm not sure if you are using that with blogger or not but they say something about photos 800 x 800 or smaller shouldn't count towards your limit but yours are usually less than that so I don't get it? Resizing might work but I think it's $5 for 20 GB or something so it might be worth paying although I am personally cheap and would hate paying for something 'free' . AAAAH!

  4. PAY??? That's ridiculous!!

  5. I really enjoy your blog and would be willing to donate a bit to keep it going.  If you have to pay for more storage, perhaps you could put a link or something where regular readers can pitch some money to keep the blog going?  

  6. Yeah, blogger users automatically use picasa unless you use a fx flickr (which takes twice as long!)
    I went back and found two posts where i hadn't resized photos. I then deleted them, saved and replaced them with smaller versions. Didn't help, i still can't upload new ones. It's pretty weird.
    I guess i could pay, but (and i hope this doesn't come of as completely narcissistic) i feel like i already provide a service of a kind, without getting paid... i shouldn't have to pay to do what's basically enjoyable volunteer work!
    Thanks a lot for checking this out for me!

  7.  Yes, i think so to...

  8.  Thanks, that's super sweet of you, but i hope it doesn't come to that. I'm gonna try and see if we can't all get out of paying somehow!

  9. I hope it gets worked out, I really want to see your blog keep going, I'm already mourning Nova Rella, I can't lose another one!!!

  10.  wow, I should have added even more commas to that

  11. Haha, yeah, i felt like you could have used a few more, really!
    I know what you mean, i'm mourning the Rella too. I'll try my best to work this thing out, i promise!

  12. I never store my photos on Blogger because I want it to be easy to move to Wordpress or Typepad or whatever if the notion takes me; I store everything on Flickr (though I do pay about £20 a year for it) but you could use a free image host like Photobucket or something - once you get in the habit, it's quick enough to copy and paste image URLs instead of uploading them straight to your post. :)

  13. Vi løb ind i samme problem med betalingen. Vi betalte, fordi vi ikke rigtigt kunne finde ud af nogen anden løsning. Det er ret ret beskedent beløb, men derfor er det alligevel mega latterligt!

  14. I do have a photobucket account, but i don't wanna have to use it unless it's absolutely necessary (which it apparently was for the newest post).
    My reason for using blogger to host my pictures is time. It doesn't take much longer the other way around, but it does take longer, and i feel like i barely have time to blog as it is, so i don't wanna make it more complicated than it has to be. But it is nice to have the option, i'd hate to quit blogging over something as stupid as this!

  15. Super latterligt! Det er i forvejen ubetalt arbejde at blogge, medmindre man går sponsor vejen, så jeg nægter bare at betale! Jeg har heller aldrig haft det her problem før for mine billeder er under den tilladte størrelse. Mystisk, er det.