Friday, April 20, 2012

Nakano neko 16/4 2012

Tomorrow our vacation starts and although it keeps getting shorter and shorter, we're still pretty excited. We're in for some busy days when we get back to Tokyo, so it's nice that we get to enjoy a bit of traveling first.

Today we had our first ever Japanese lesson in Japan, and i saw Nuno Bettencourt without a shirt on.
No big deal.
More about this when i get back to Tokyo, cause right now i am tired and crampy and i just wanna fall asleep reading a book and eating plum flavored chips.

These photos are from me and Allan's walk from Kōenji to Nakano the other day.
It's such a nice walk, and it takes us through a part of Kōenji we actually used to live in, and it goes by a house that always has a ton of (what i assume are) semi wild cats out front.
I ran out of film before we had lunch at a great restaurant in the new OIOI in Nakano, where i managed to order a meat free meal in Japanese. It didn't sound good, i'm sure, but it's progress nonetheless!

A wonderful day with my wonderful guy.

I love old, broken houses so much

Annoying, talented husband took not one, but two, pictures of this and both where better than mine, so if he ever updates his blog, you should go check it out

Crossing the street

Where we used to live... it was small, and a little far from work and the station, but it did have a great view

Secret garden (yeah, i'm that creep who'll climb a fence if i see something cool on the other side)

Cat corner begins

Stubborn kitty refused to open its eyes for me

This one was even more stubborn... you wouldn't believe the noise we had to make, to get it to turn its head!


Possibly more cute

After lunch we got some coffee and and matcha latte, and went for a quick shopping trip at Broadway.
Then we took the train to Nishi-Ogikubo in search of some cool antique store, but we never found any.
We did have another nice walk, though, and that's usually more important to us anyway.

I hope everyone will have a great weekend, and hopefully i won't be too tired to blog a little about our adventures when we get home Tuesday night!


  1. Plum flavored chips huh? Are they sweet? Salty? They sound really good but weird.

  2. I love broken down houses too, but they make me so sad.  Great photos :)

  3.  Not sweet or salty, but both? They are weird, but good.