Hello from Germany, uhm, i mean Tokyo!

I know, i know, i'm in Japan, and so i should be posting pictures from Japan, not Europe, right?
Yeah, but you see, the first thing i did when we arrived in KĊenji yesterday, was go down to our photo store and get my latest film developed, so i could start a new one. And of course it only took like an hour, and all the pictures, well almost all of them, are great and i wanna share, dammit!
I've divided them into categories, so first you get "Operation Oberhausen (and Bisserup)... now in analog!"


 Sunset pooping

 Country chic

 The light is amazing at 7 am... too bad i hardly ever see it!

 Never ending waters... and sparkles

 Best little dude

 Lunch break

German houses are weird, man... notice the shutters on all the windows

 Before we started hammering away

 Morning walk the next day

 The woods near the gallery

 Allan and his little helper

 Sarah, Sascha and Daniel wins "Friends of the Year" award

Lucifer was happy to see his aunt Sarah again

Maybe the one cool thing about that place?

Our hotel

So nice i had to photograph it twice!

Home in Copenhagen, getting breakfast at the organic bakery

We really, really enjoyed our day off!

Sometimes i feel like adding captions to my pictures ruins them a little bit, but every time i try to post pictures without them, i feel weird about it. What do you think?
Anyway, i love this film and i can't wait to show you the rest... maybe tomorrow?

Here's what we've been up to today: hanami! 
I think there's gonna be a whole film full of cherry blossoms too, at some point...

Ok, gotta go, hanami part two is about to start and i don't wanna be late.

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