Friday, April 13, 2012


We had such a fantastic day off yesterday, and my Wednesday was really, really good too, so i mostly just wanna write about that and post my stupid iPhone pictures. However, i got a film back last night, and obviously that wins.
Hopefully i'll have time to do a bit of writing and catching up tonight.

Most of these turned out really good, although i should have probably used a more vividly colored film for hanami than natura 1600. Oh well, lesson learned. Perhaps. You can always see the more saturated version here.

Shinjuku, on our way to find food
 Shinjuku Gyoen on a crowded Monday


For once i was almost pleased when a cloud passed in front of the sun... it was a really hot day

 So delicate, so pretty

Less delicate, no less pretty

New rat patch

 Walking around the park, looking for the finest specimens

 In the Japanese garden part of the park

 Not so crowded there

 So many different pinks and whites

  Urban photo safari

 Nighttime, on our way to the other hanami in Kichijōji... don't they just look like they love being photographed?

Happy Friday the 13th to those of you making a thing out of that!
Me, i'm just gonna try not to be too unlucky, and maybe watch some extra spooky alien documentary tonight.


  1. More great pics! I need more patches. I also need to transfer my others from my old jacket and get new one. stooopid weight gain and boobs! Do you have any for your studio I can buy?

  2. One thing I've never experienced in Japan is sakura.  You photos are beautiful and I wish I was there now.

  3.  No, sadly we have no patches, but we're definitely thinking about making some.

  4.  I've been lucky to experience it many times and it's always magical. Hope you'll get to see it some day.

  5. Love those boots and those photos of sakura, sooo stunning! I can't get over it.

  6. Well put me top of the list to buy when/if you do

  7.  Thanks so much! I must admit, i love my boots too. One of my best buys ever!